2012 Fantasy Basketball: Top 5 Player Rankings by Position

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Chris PaulIt is upon us, the NBA Season will officially start on time this year (October 30th, 2012.) If you’re like me, a daily fantasy player and a huge NBA fan this is a joyous announcement. It means games every day and enough superstars to fill every roster. NBA season can be volatile for the daily fantasy basketball player, but can also be the season to make up from all the NFL losses (which I have a lot of chasing the weekly GPP’s.) Before each NBA season I try to breakdown my top 5 players in each position and my top 5 sleepers for each position. I do this by examining stats from last year’s season (which was limited) and by checking stats/info from the preseason. One thing about the NBA is the opportunity for a bunch of guys to help benefit a fantasy roster, especially in salary game play. Mid and low priced players can have breakout nights that give the roster a huge boost. Not every team can be made up of Lebron, Dwight, and Carmelo (unless of course you get lucky with one of Fantazzle’s limited lineups, which is my favorite game to play on a busy day!)

When examining individual stats per position I frequently address Fantazzle’s scoring table. The simplicity of the scoring at Fantazzle is what keeps the games fun for even the novice fantasy player. The table breaks down as follows Points are 1, Rebounds are 1, Assists are 1, Steals are 2, and Blocked Shots are 2. I also have to keep the league format in mind which is 2 Centers, 3 Guards, 3 Forwards, and 2 Flex/Utility players. In my mind, due to scoring and format, Centers and Guards are super valuable (check out points for steals and blocked shots.) It is also important to consider major minute’s guys. At the most rudimentary levels the guys that play the most will usually score the most. Read more…

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