2012 Fantasy Basketball: Top 5 Point Guards

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Now on to the short men, my love for the point guard started when I found out Muggsy Bogues was shorter than my dad (by 3 inches, but every inch counts.) I consider point guards to be the second most important player on my daily fantasy teams, what they don’t get in points they make up for in assists and steals. Another thing that draws me to the point guard is the amount of minutes most of the big names get per games. Like I said in an earlier article, more minutes means more fantasy points. The Top 5 Centers were some big name guys, but in my mind the guards are the superstars. My Top 5 starts with a guy that was raised just down the road from me and in my mind he is the best point guard in the NBA.

Chris Paul: Paul was raised 15 minutes from my hometown. I first heard about Paul after he scored 61 points in memory of his slain grandfather at West Forsyth High School in Winston Salem and I knew at the time that he was a special player. Paul is not just a guard, he is a basketball player. With Paul surrounded by a cast of excellent players (Can we say Blake) he is sure to average 20 points 10 assist a game. He is also a guy that can play excellent defense at the point. On any given night Paul can have 1-3 steals. He will definitely be highly priced, but if you don’t get him, you can bet I will have him if you are playing me. He did undergo surgery on a thumb ligament last year, but this doesn’t seem to be a concern. He is a must play in limited leagues, pick-em’s, and salary formats.

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Kobe Bryant: I am not a Kobe fan in real life, but I definitely am in the world of fantasy sports. Kobe equals production. The guy is a scorer and on some nights a big scorer. Even though the Lakers have added Steve Nash, Kobe’s point production will not struggle. Kobe is the Lakers’, until Lebron becomes a Laker in 2014 (HaHa prediction.) If Kobe can stay healthy all year he will average 25 points a night and get another 10 points due to assists/rebounds. Kobe may be 34, but he sure doesn’t play like it. I see him being cheaper than he has been in the past, which means he is definitely on my roster. Read more…

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