In 2020 the NBA will no longer have white players

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Michael Jordan 2k11According to NBA2K11 produced by 2K Sports, the NBA will no longer have white players somewhere around the 2020 season when the current white players retire.

As the entrance celebration, music, and fans stand cheering my created player, he is introduced as the starting point guard of the Los Angeles Lakers. Creating a player that looks similar to you is one of the first things gamers do when they get their hands on a new sports video game, but what happens when your created player looks nothing like you and you are unable to create a Caucasian player?

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The player that looks similar to you and bears your last name on the jersey is going to be the one to hit the game winner, score more than Jordan, and lead the league in all categories, but if you are white, you are out of luck, thanks to 2K Sports.

NBA2K11′s major flaw of not creating a white person is not only frustrating; its borderline racism. I can only imagine if you were unable to create an African-American player the drama that would come from it. The N.A.A.C.P. would ban the video game, and Jesse Jackson would protest against 2K sports, but instead, because it’s about a white player, you are only going to get an article from me.

As you enter “create a player” mode on NBA2K11, it is impossible to create a Caucasian player. You can create a borderline mulano player with predominantly African-American features, but nothing close to resembling a white player.

The closest white player I can come up with resembles Jason Kidd. I even tried to lower the dunk rating to see if that helped, but still no white guy.

If the NHL video games can create African-Americans, why can’t NBA2K11 create a white guy? Nothing seems odder as I stare at my player on the free throw line with my name on the back of his jersey and the guy is black.

I am not a racist person and I am Caucasian, but it’s just an odd feeling that here we are in 2010 where I pay $60 for a damn video game, and I can’t create a white guy that somewhat resembles me?

It was 2007 that EA Sports created a way to take an image of yourself and create a visual representation into Tiger Woods PGA Tour; how have we regressed from that?

I decided to take it a bit further and tried to see if I could edit one of the white players already in the game, but you are unable to change the names, so there went that idea. I also went into one of the new features where you can create an entire draft class; I figured I could create myself from a white player there, but after searching the entire draft class there are no white players, none!

If you were to continue to play NBA2k11 in franchise mode, sooner or later, the entire league will be without a white player. It has been reported that at least 20 to 25 percent of players in the NBA are white, whether it be from America or Europe, and according to NBA2k11, in 2020, there will no longer be white players in the NBA.

Is this 2K sports way of telling us that the days of Caucasian players are numbered in the NBA?

In one of the finest displays of a video game scene, NBA2K11 makes one feel that they are actually watching a presentation on the television.  The graphics and overlays are amazing, and the conversation that goes on between the announcers have never been witnessed before in a video game. The cut scenes, end of quarters, half time are simply amazing and give other sport franchises something to work for, eh hum Madden are you listening?

The fact that I can’t create a white person is not only aggravating; it could be considered racism, and 2K Sports should do something to fix this.

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  1. Juan the Don says:

    Ahh to bad get over it its not like we are good anyway we whites should dominate hockey but i bet blacks are going to get into it and take over it too. But its all good cause im good with them.

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