4 thank you cards Kobe Bryant should send

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Kobe BrantWithout a doubt Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers will go down as one of the greatest players in the history of professional basketball.  A premier scorer and five-time NBA Champion, Bryant has a few people who have played a key role in his perceived success.  Here are four thank you cards Kobe Bryant should send out.

Shaquille O’Neal – Dear Shaq, Thanks for the five rings.

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Shaq and Kobe (in that order) were one of the most explosive tandems in NBA history.  If Shaq was Batman then Kobe was definitely his trusty sidekick “Boy Wonder” or Robin.  Without the big fella Kobe may have zero rings.  O’Neal carried the Lakers to back-to-back-to-back championships from 2000-02.  It was the Lakers trade of O’Neal that brought Lamar Odom to L.A.  Odom was a key figure in the Lakers and Bryant’s two championships after the departure of O’Neal.

Magic Johnson – Dear Magic, Thanks for retiring early.

Who knows how NBA History may have been rewritten if Magic wasn’t forced into retirement in 1991 after 13 NBA seasons.  The greatest point guard the NBA has ever seen, Magic led the Lakers to nine NBA final appearances winning five of them.  The only reason that Kobe is even in the same breath as Magic is because they have the same number of rings.  If Magic had been able to continue his career he may have gotten one or two more making the Kobe comparisons null and void.

LeBron James  –  Dear LeBron, Thanks for quitting on the Cavs…twice

Yep, Kobe even owes LeBron a thank you.  LeBron mailed it in against the Orlando Magic and Boston Celtics in back-to-back seasons in the playoffs.  That gave the Lakers favorable Finals matchups against the inexperienced Magic and the aging Celtics.  No one in their right mind thinks that Kobe and the Lakers would have beaten those Cleveland Cavalier teams.  But, we’ll never know.

Jerry West – Dear Jerry, Thanks for doing whatever it took to bring to L.A.

Believe it or not the Hornets didn’t draft Kobe and trade him.  He was drafted by the Hornets for the Lakers.  The two teams had agreed to the trade prior to draft day.  It wasn’t until five minutes before the Hornets selection at No. 13 that the Lakers told them who to draft.  Then Lakers General Manager Jerry West gave the word to the Hornets to draft the 17-year-old Bryant.  West had already worked out Bryant in Los Angeles and was very impressed.  The Hornets never had any intentions of taking him for themselves.  A Hall of Fame Center and Head Coach later, Kobe Bryant has become on of the best of all-time.

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4 Responses to 4 thank you cards Kobe Bryant should send

  1. Brent says:

    what a terrible article. Aaron Moon, you come off as just another internet blogger who has probably never played a game of basketball in his life.

    Without Kobe, Shaq has one ring (won by D-Wade). Kobe being on that team ALLOWED Shaq to dominate in the paint the way he did. They needed each other, plain and simple.

    Funny how Shaq hasn’t won anything without a top two SG.

    The cavs? LOL. If a team isn’t good enough to make the finals how could you assume they would beat the champion? Ridiculous.

    I’ll just stop there but this article blows. Must be nice to get paid to write articles based on biased-opinions/assumptions/hypothetical situations!

  2. BullDarnell says:

    You could pretty much say this about any NBA player whose had success. Of course there were people who helped them along the way. And seriously… if Lebron quit on the Cavs before the finals, who’s to say that he wouldn’t have quit in the Finals against the Lakers? That’s right, nobody can… because it didn’t happen. This is all what-if stuff. You can look back on basketball history and see what actually happened. This is an awful article that reads like some repressed mental masturbation fan fiction. Please get over the fact that your team (whatever team that may be) isn’t leaving up to your expectations (fantasies).

  3. NAJ says:

    Wow, could you be any more of an irrational Kobe hater?!

  4. silk says:

    I believe he’s right about Shaq, cause the magic was in the final before the Lakers require him? penny mess that up for them he wanted to be the star and Shaq left???????????? to the Lakers

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