4 things to watch for in the NBA Draft

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Anthony DavisThe NBA Draft is soon upon us and is coming up faster than you think. The draft is going to take place just two days after game seven of the finals, if necessary. Which leaves us sports fans only two days to cram the most up to date knowledge about this years upcoming rookie class. With this in mind, here are four things to watch for on June, 28.

The number two pick in this year’s NBA Draft is something to watch for.  After Anthony Davis there really is no clear number two selection like there has been in recent drafts prior. This is definitely not due to lack of talent because this is one of the deepest drafts in the past decade. This is because any one from Andre Drummond, Bradley Beal, Harrison Barnes, or Michael Kidd-Gilchrist could easily be ideal selections. No matter who gets at the number two spot though, whoever it is will have their hands dealt trying to turn the Charlotte Bobcats around.

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Dion Waiters from Syracuse, one of the most intriguing prospects,  has had rising draft stock recently. So high that a team has promised to take him if he does not do any more workouts for teams and have limited participation in the combine. This is strange because Waiters was not supposed to get drafted in the top ten in some people’s draft boards, but it is looking like a team really wants Waiters and is ready to be a little risky to obtain him. Hopefully the GM behind this will be exposed on draft night by selecting Waiters earlier than some may have expected. It does not really matter which team he goes to, Dion Waiters has the ability to be one of the best guards of this draft class in the next five years.

The Portland Trail Blazers have finally signed a general manager. Rip City faithful are rejoicing by this front office move. Neil Oshley has his hands full on draft day. The Blazers have the 11th pick in a loaded draft and the 6th pick acquired at the trade deadline in exchange for Gerald Wallace. Portland also has many trade assets that could be of disposal. Over the past couple years Blazer’s front office have done lots of activity during draft night and expect this year to be no different what so ever. This is by far one of the most pivotal drafts in Rip City history and I have a feeling Neil Oshley will not mess it up by drafting a big man who will get injured, something Trail Blazer’s fans are still bitter about.

Boston Celtics have the number 21 and 22 pick this year and need something drastic to reload. Boston has expiring contracts with Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen. This could mean they need two draft picks to come in right away and contribute or need someone to be able to fill the starting role two years from now. Interesting scenario as well, what if Austin Rivers from Duke fell all the way to 21? Would Danny Ainge take him because of Doc? Would Austin feel resentful? Could Danny Ainge be looking to pull off some trade that makes the Celtics highly competitive next year? Only time will tell for all of these things to watch for in just under a week and a half.

Morgan Grimmett is a sportswriter for The Sports Blitz and can be contacted at MGrimmett@SportsBlitz.com, or can be followed on Twitter @MLeeGrimmett

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