The 49ers are golden again

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There’s only a couple things I hate about Week One in Football’s Regular Season – 1) People, not fans, jumping off the bandwagon of teams and players so fast that they hurt their ankle more than Ryan Mathews gets hurt (I had to) and 2) Getting so overwhelmed and hyped up with a team that you make crazy proclamations about how good they are with 16 weeks left in the Season. Well…I’m about to hate myself because after Week One you have to crown the 49ers as the team to beat in the NFC and potentially the NFL.

The San Francisco 49ers went on the road in Week One to face one of the best offenses in the NFL and arguably the best quarterback in the NFL, Aaron Rodgers, and dominated that game from start to finish. The score, 30-22, does not do justice as to how much the 49ers outplayed the Packers (It should have been 30-15 if it wasn’t for a bogus pick up of the flag on a blatant block in the back call, but don’t even get me started on this shitty refs). Alex Smith was the better quarterback on the field outplaying last years MVP, Frank Gore was his usual Week One self averaging seven yards a carry, Randy Moss made his triumphant return to Lambeau Field scoring his first Touchdown in two years, and the defense was, of course, dominant at every aspect. The winner of this game was going to be favored in the NFC and the 49ers, rightfully so, should be the team to beat.  Read more…

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