Kevin Garnet 300x200 5 NBA players that should have retired this seasonKevin Garnett is number one on the list should he hang it up?

We have witnessed a pretty exciting free agency, the wheeling and dealing of the NBA always sparks up most interest

around this time of year. More particularly because of the Dwightmare that has kept fans on the edge of their seats for almost a year now. The mental exhaustion of knowing that he is getting traded, or that your favorite team is involved in the trade and then it all falls to pieces. Can drive anyone insane!

The most interesting part of this year however is the fact that so many teams are pursing the NBA Championship. Wait… It’s the way they are chasing the championship, they are employing older faces aka seasoned veterans. When I say seasoned I mean it’s like putting salt on your food and the cap comes off to the salt shaker.

There are several men that up until a couple of weeks ago everyone thought that maybe it would be the last stand for these gentlemen.

5. Marcus Camby- Camby age 38, decided that he would like to play for another THREE years with the New York Knicks. He has size still but can he keep up? The Knicks need interior help against the Miami Heat, but to employ a 38-year-old offensively challenged center it makes no sense. They already have an old offensively challenged center in Tyson Chandler why get another one? Look for Camby not to make much of an impact except taking fouls and standing in while Chandler gets rest… for about 10 to 15 minutes a game. Stats from last year PPG 4.9 RPG 9.00 APG 1.8 TO 1.2

4. Jason Kidd- Kidd age 39, basically see above paragraph. Kidd signed a contract with the Knicks for THREE years as well. Kidd who sometimes has a good shot, has done nothing but become a liability on the court and now recently off the court. The theory was that Kidd was supposed to come in and mentor Jeremy Lin so that he would become the point guard everyone wants Lin to be. WRONG! Lin is going to Houston… and Kidd will be mentoring Raymond Felton. If he can put the bottle down and show up, Guess that didn’t work out how James Dolan (Knicks owner) initially planned. Stats from last year… PPG 6.2 APG 5.5 RPG 4.1 SPG 1.7  TO 2 Read the rest of the list here…