5 teams that will attempt to sign Jeremy Lin after the 2012 season

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New York Knicks Jeremy LinJeremy Lin’s unprecedented level of play over the past six games has propelled him into the fore-front of the sports world. Lin’s play in February has guaranteed him a hefty contract next season, but what five teams have the best shot of signing him? Let’s take a look:

1. New York Knicks
If Mike D’antoni is smart he will do whatever it takes to ensure that the organization inks Jeremy Lin to a long-term contract before the end of the season. Under the new collective bargaining agreement the New York Knicks can only offer Lin five million dollars in the first year of a long-term deal; this is an eerily convenient set circumstances. The Knicks have their mid-level-exception available for next season, which would allow the team to make Lin the maximum offer without taking a hit on the salary cap. Given that the success of D’antoni’s system is predicated on the ability of a point guard to play at an elite level, the Knicks have no choice but to lock up Lin for the long run.

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2. Dallas Mavericks
Count on Mark Cuban to make a run at Lin this offseason. Jason Kidd’s days are numbered and given that Kidd has finally won an NBA championship it seems likely that retirement might be an attractive option for the veteran point guard. One possibility might involve signing Lin to a long-term deal, and bring Jason Kidd back for a single season; a transition season if you will. In an ideal world Lin could start for the Mavericks while Kidd comes off the bench; this would allow Lin to continue to grow under the tutelage of a future first ballot hall of famer.

3. Houston Rockets
This may seem odd given that the Rockets appear to be set at point guard right now (Kyle Lowry, Goran Dragic), but the Rockets seem to be active trade partners every year. Lin would make sense in Houston for a couple of reasons. The Rockets have the marketing infrastructure in place to do business in the Chinese market. After drafting Yao Ming, the Rockets adopted a uniform color scheme eerily similar to that of the Chinese national team, and there is no doubt that the organization’s executives still have contacts in Asia; this would be a marketing marriage made in heaven. Second, bringing Jeremy Lin to Houston could help Houston finally get over their playoff hump. If Jeremy Lin continues to play as well as he is now, he may be this franchise’s best hope of getting out of the first round of the playoffs.

4. Golden State Warriors
Early in the season Steph Curry was linked to both Chris Paul and Dwight Howard trade rumors. There is no doubt that the Warriors organization is still not sold on Curry’s ability to co-exist with Monte Ellis. While Golden State was the organization that cut Lin in the first place, don’t count out a reunion for the Northern California native. A Lin/Ellis back court could be deadly, and with a point guard with Lin’s vision could really do wonders for the Warriors young spot up shooter Klay Thompson and freak athlete Ekpe Udoh. Signing Lin would allow the Warriors to actively shop Curry, a strategy that could yield more young talent and draft picks for a team looking to escape from the cellars of the west.

5. Los Angeles Lakers
Last, but surely not least, the Lost Angeles Lakers are almost guaranteed to make a run at Jeremy Lin. The Lakers have been looking for an upgrade at point guard for years now. Jordan Farmar wasn’t the answer and neither is Steve Blake. The point guard situation has gotten so bad in L.A. that Kobe Bryant is literally lobbying the organization to sign Gilbert Arenas. Lin could be the answer for L.A., and an infusion of scoring, playmaking, and youth at the point guard position could be just what Kobe needs to get a sixth championship. Those variables, combined with the fact that L.A. is also a large Asian market, make L.A. a match too perfect for the Lakers and Lin. Look for Kobe to lobby for Lin during the off season.

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