Should Allen Iverson get more credit for accomplishments?

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Allen Iverson

When people talk about great scorers what names do you hear? Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Wilt Chamberlain. Yes, I know that list can be debated but the name you don’t hear come up that much anymore is Allen Iverson.

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Allen Iverson was a born scorer, playing for Georgetown averaged over 22 points a game. Iverson was the NBA scoring champion four different times. He averaged over 30 points a game for five different seasons. For those of you who think this guy is just a ball hog and he just takes a lot of shots and doesn’t get anyone involved that’s not quite the case.  The years he averaged 30 plus points he also averaged eight assists a game too. All those stats, can be compared to Kobe Bryant, the man who is supposed to be the next Jordan. If Iverson was so good in scoring, how come he doesn’t have the same amount of rings that Jordan or Bryant has?

Iverson, never had the type of teams that Kobe and Jordan had. The year that Iverson went to the championship there was no one other than Iverson that could put up 10 points consistently. Iverson wasn’t afforded Shaq like Kobe had. Shaq was the big man of the time period that Kobe was in his prime. Those two together produced championships. Iverson was never surrounded by a good supporting cast like Kobe or Jordan. Sound familiar? Lebron James! Lebron left before he played out all of his good years however.

Iverson went through several legal troubles, which I can understand will take a man’s mind from the game. I believe that is the big reason why Iverson phased out towards the end of his career. But I also think that he just wasn’t afforded some of the luxuries like other great players. He was looked at as a crook, being judged by his braids and they even made a rule against his crossover. To companies he wasn’t the right type to market to the public.

Iverson unfortunately had his career fade away faster than his crossover. That doesn’t mean he wasn’t a great player and it doesn’t mean that he shouldn’t be considered for the Hall of Fame. Can someone please shine the light on Allen Iverson?

The Sportologist is and NBA writer for The Sports Blitz.

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12 Responses to Should Allen Iverson get more credit for accomplishments?

  1. Robtee2106 says:

    You don’t want to shine the light too brightly on Mr. Iverson. 

    • Anonymous says:

      why?  He was an amazing basketball player… what really did he do that was so wrong?  He didn’t kill someone like Ty Cobb or Ray Lewis did he?

      • Fritz S, Andre says:

        I believe Robtee2106 was making an ex-con reference that a bright light might be confuse for cop lights….STILL MY FAVORITE PLAYER! 

  2. purplean says:

    The best point blank no 1 can do for basketball what he did for it like making the leauge accept niggas only reason i fell in love with the sport again

  3. Lrrnpaul47 says:

    I think he should wel
     loved Allen Iveraon here in Philadelphia and was disappointed at his too short stint here the last time.  He has heart and love the game. NBA need to give him another chance with an Alter Contract I’m more than sure he’ll love to play with any team.  There was only one AI and Andre Ig shouldn’t want to be call the other AI because he doesn’t have the heart. 

  4. Mrswag07 says:

    OVERRATED PERIOD, the reason he never has better teams is becuz Larry Brown was genius and figured out the only way for hiim to win was to put lesser skilled players around him that wouldnt complain when he took 30 shots a night and they only took 5-10. He had Keith Van Horn in his prime, and wouldnt give him the ball, had Glen Robinson and wouldnt give him the ball. Had Andre Iguadola, wouldnt give him the ball either, Billy King finally got it right and traded him, the 76ers have been a better team since. Iverson had maybe 5 good years in the league, the rest of the time its just hollow stats and 20+ Fga’s. Im from Philly, and I couldnt wait to get him out of town.

    But yes he did bring hip hop to the NBA like never before i give him that. but its no reason he’s not on somebodys roster. Its his own fault, hes not “The Answer” Hes “The Cancer”

  5. Fmikefilippo says:

    Yes, he should he was the only ression the 76rs were good i dont think any other player exsept Jordon of course could have took such a shitty team as far as Iversion.I wish the 76ers would sighn him to a deal nothing crazy average player price but if we added him to this team now i think we could make a real run for a championship this and nex year with acouple good big man added whitch is what they really need the next Dwight Howard would be great!!!!!!!!! If we can get a high draft pick if we loss every game the rest of the season.BUT MAIN PIONT YES ALLIN IVERSION SOULD BE IN THE HALL OF FAME IN HIS PRIME WAS THE BEST SCORER EVER AND HAD THE SAME HART LIKE JORDON WHITCH THE 76ERS LACK RIGHT NOW

  6. Atom12345 says:

    please just take this shit face down

  7. Atom12345 says:

    he looks like the black joker please take it down . thats enough practice . thaaaats alllll folks.

  8. Ckohn333 says:

    atom 12345 and mrswag07 u both r jus haters and no nuthin of the game obviously AI was the heart and soul of philly and carried them when they had no1 u wanna call sum1 overrated look at kobe bryants gay ass that douche always had people around him and has never put up the numbers that AI has so fyi know ur facts 1st b4 u wanna put in ur 2 cents k retards p.s AI was the smallest guy on the court but still was unstoppable if thats not hall of fame shit idk what is!

  9. Ckohn333 says:

    and btw if u read the above atricle and did sum “research” ud c that AI avg over 30 pts a game for 5 seasons and avg over 8 ASSISTS a game and was scoring champ 4 times! not 2 many players ever in the game that could say that esp not wack ass kobe bryant who takes alot more shots scores less points and always has less assists so again know ur shit 1st thanx

  10. vern vern says:

    A.I. definitely should go to the HOF. Why shouldn’t he. His attitude has nothing to do with his skills. I’d put him there before I’d put Scottie Pippen. A.I. didn’t hang on to no-ones shirttail.He could take over a game by himself.Everytime critics complain about what he doesn’t do(assists) he comes back and makes them eat their words. Although others before him had good crossovers, he made the crossover an art. His crossover had the league change rules and call him for carrying the ball. He adjusted and still broke ankles.
    Bottom line is if he’s not HOF bound than there’s a few in there that need to be banished. 6 feet maybe 1 inch in a league of players 6’5″ up to 7 feet and he lead the league in scoring 4 times.

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