Anderson Silva: How many more will get stuck in the web?

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Anderson SilvaI am Anderson “The Spider” Silva and I am the current and reigning UFC Middleweight Champion. I have not lost a fight in 6 years.  I last defended my title for the second time against challenger Chael Sonnen and in both fights I was victorious. Sonnen pushed me to the brink in our fight, but he did something that I do not do. He made a mistake, and I submitted him in round 5 to retain my title.  At UFC 148 we fought again and once again he made a mistake and I made him pay for it. The fight was stopped in the second round due to strikes and again I retain my title.

I am the best pound for pound fighter in the world today.  I am 37 years old and I am in phenomenal shape. I train twice a day 6 days a week. I can knock you out striking or I can take you down and submit you. To beat me, you have to fight a perfect fight. You and I know that is not going to happen because I will pressure you and you WILL make a mistake. Then it is my turn to add you to my list of victims. The list is long, and the opponents have been many. I have defended my title on ten occasions and I always come out victorious.

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When my opponents are asleep or watching television or whatever it is that they do. I am training, I am always training to make and keep myself in the best condition so that I am ready for any challenger to step up and try and take my title. I welcome each and every challenge, but I warn you that I am not going to go down easy. I will stay on you like a relentless pitbull until I knock you out or I make you submit to my superior will to win. My will to win each and every fight is stronger than the fighters that I fight.  Do I have an ego problem? No I do not, I am just supremely confident in my abilities.

I am a family man, a spiritual man, a quiet man, I am all of these things until I get into the ring. Then I transform into the “Spider” and when you come into my web, I dictate the action, the pace, and where we are fighting either on the ground or we can stay on our feet and my excellent striking skills take over. I am always going to fight my fight and you do not get to dictate anything.  The octagon is my domain and you are a guest, but you are not welcome, so I will be knocking you out or choking you out shortly.

This is a short look inside the mind of Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva and how he goes about his routine of training and how he dictates the pace of the fight and his will to win. Silva has been great for Mixed Martial Arts and the UFC.   He is hero to the children and people of Brazil, and he is becoming very well known around the world.  How much gas does the 37 year old Silva have left in his tank? How long can he go? Only time will tell, but from where I am sitting he has a long way to go before it is all said and done.

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One Response to Anderson Silva: How many more will get stuck in the web?

  1. lepasc says:

    GSP and JBJ fight perfect fights also….And both of these guy are better than Sonnen.
    I respect your talent,but I’m not a fan of yours…not-at-all!!Never been,never will…

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