Andrew Bynum should have attempted another three point basket

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Andrew BynumOne has to wonder if the thought entered the mind of Andrew Bynum, center of the Los Angeles Lakers, to attempt another three-point basket after being benched by head coach Mike Brown.

Down by as many as 19 points against the Oklahoma City Thunder the Lakers three-point shooting was pathetic as always.

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The Lakers continue to be one of the worst teams behind the three-point line in the NBA, but Bynum did what he had to after being benched for shooting an ill-advised three-point shot and then not hustling back on defense. 42 minutes, 25 points and 13 rebounds doesn’t give enough credit to the presence and enthusiasm Bynum played with.

Give credit to Bynum for being the mature player and moving away from the benching issue, but he should have attempted another three-point shot, here’s why.

  • Who says big man can’t shoot?
Bynum has only attempted eight three-point baskets making only one. It wasn’t as if Bynum’s attempt was a complete miss. He had solid form but hit the front of the rim. Big men can shoot threes. Manute Bol, at 7 feet, 7 inches was one of the tallest NBA players ever. He played for the Golden State Warriors from 1988 to 1990 where in his first season he shot a career-high 91 three pointers and made 20 of them.
  • If Metta-World-Peace can shoot 3’s why can’t Bynum?
There isn’t one Lakers fan that doesn’t cringe every time Metta World Peace launches a three-point attempt. You never know if you are going to get an air ball or a make. This season the artist formerly known as Ron Artest is averaging a pathetic 25% from three-point distance, the second worst of his career.
  • For the fun of it
Immature, stupid, insane…you betcha! Some of us love to test authority and while it usually comes back to bite us in the ass, we still do it. Imagine the media hoopla that would have surrounded Bynum who stated he was going to continue to take three-point shots. If they are looking to ax head coach Mike Brown they might as well take notice of what Carmello Anthony has done. Players have the power and this would have been a serious message. How many people watched the game just to see if he did it?
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