Andy Reid regrets icing Tynes

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Andy Reid

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From time to time, a head coach ices a kicker with a time out taken so late that the kicker actually kicks the field goal. All too often, the kicker misses the first try and then, given an unexpected Mulligan, makes the second.

Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid dodged a Cataldi cannonball on Sunday night when Reid’s decision to ice Giants kicker Lawrence Tynes resulted in a pair of misses.

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Asked after the game whether Reid wished he could get a Mulligan on the decision to give Tynes a Mulligan (this is probably the most times I’ve ever used Mulligan in one article . . . Mulligan), Reid said, “When you’re surrounded by 66,000 people that want to probably rip your throat out at that time, yes I did. That’s about 20-fold what Custer felt.”  Read more…

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