Anna Kournikova: TSB’s hottie

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Anna KournikovaOnly so many things can draw a man’s attention to Women’s Tennis. Either you are drawn to the match by listening to the ohh’s, ahh’s and grunting of the female players or there is a hot chick in a skirt.

This weeks Hottie is none other than the woman responsible for bringing eyes back to the television screen just waiting to see a chance at an up-skirt, Anna Kournikova.

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She is one of the most searched people on the internet and not only for her looks.

Anna also has a computer virus named after her. The Anna Kournikova computer virus was a computer virus designed to trick email users into opening a mail message purportedly containing a picture of tennis player Anna Kournikova, while actually hiding a malicious program.

Tennis tournaments that do not include the Goddess have had up to 30% less attendance. Her matches are always sold out and it’s hard to imagine they were there to watch her and her conquest to become number one.

Men’s magazines like FHM always have included her among the hottest women, and she was named Sexiest Woman in the World in FHM‘s 100 Sexiest Girls poll in 2002. Her sex appeal has also managed to sell calendars, and the Sports Illustrated issue with Anna Kournikova on the cover was one of the highest-selling issues the magazine has ever published. So it looks like Anna Kournikova’s sexiness is unanimous: it doesn’t get much hotter than her.

Anna Kournikova also proved her earning power by being one of the richest women in sports, thanks to lucrative contracts with companies like Adidas, Yonex, Berlei (the famous sports bra), Omega (also the choice of Cindy Crawford and Pierce Brosnan), and Lycos (who once named Anna Kournikova the most popular athlete on the internet, moving Michael Jordan to the No. 2 spot).

By 2002, she was reportedly making $10 million a year, and she continues to be the most photographed woman in sports — even though her ranking and stats are nothing to write Russia about.

Anna Kournikova


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