Barry Bonds belongs in the Hall

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Barry BondsBarry Bonds is the greatest baseball player of all-time. I truly believe that. Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, Honus Wagner, Cy Young and anyone else that played during that era did so against all white people. Could you imagine how much worse most teams in baseball would be if they were made up of strictly white people? So yes, all of their accomplishments are note-worthy and they were great players. But they didn’t compete against the best of the best, so it would be wrong to suggest any of them are the greatest players of all-time. For all we know, Ruth might not have even been the greatest hitter of his era, but because Josh Gibson was black and unable to play Major League Baseball, we’ll never truly know.

As strongly as I believe Bonds is the greatest player of all-time (and I’ll get into why shortly) I’m even more sure that Bonds will not be a first ballot Hall of Famer. Bonds has been linked to steroid use, says he never “knowingly” took them, although nobody believes that. Bonds’ career peak is so abnormal everyone loves to point to his career taking off at 36 years old as proof he took steroids. That’s a valid point, because Bonds best seasons did occur in his twilight years. But rather than believing that proves Bonds is a cheater, it really just further proves how great Bonds truly was.  Read more…

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One Response to Barry Bonds belongs in the Hall

  1. Leon Hodkey says:

    Clemens went to trial…Bonds caved. Bonds is a user and a liar in my mind. As to the mix races argument: GIVE IT A REST. We’re all sick of the race card. Bonds should join Rose, Shoeless Jackson and the rest of the rule breaking egomaniacs as an example why those types do NOT belong in the Hall

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