Matt Forte Bears’ Matt Forte signs new 4 year deal Super Bowl next?The Chicago Bears and their pro-bowl running back Matt Forte have agreed to a new contract that is worth $32 million dollars over 4 years according to ESPN

Terms of the new agreement have yet to be disclosed, but you can rest assured that the folks at Halas Hall and Chicago Bears fans are all breathing a sigh of relief.In this case it may not be considered an overstatement to say that a few retired hall of fame players from various teams, Chicago Bears past and present, most every NFL analysts, as well as the parties involved in the negotiations of the contract are all happy to get this saga over with.

The Bears on many fronts will now be expected to compete with their NFC North rivals the Green Bay Packers and the resurgent Detroit Lions for the best record in a division that many people consider to be the best in pro football going into the 2012-2013 season.

Now that Matt Forte has been placed back into the fold and with the additions of WR’s Brandon Marshall and rookie Alshon Jeffery, as well as the free agent signing of RB Michael Bush, Bears QB Jay Cutler will have a plethora of offensive options at his disposal. When you also take into account the Bears QB will have Devin Hester, Cutler’s college teammate WR Earl Bennett, newly signed return specialist/WR Eric Weems, 3rd string RB Kahlil Bell, and TE Kellen Davis to round out his offensive corps, you could argue that this could possibly be the best offensive cast that the Chicago Bears have had in their storied history and maybe one of the best in the NFL this coming season.  Read More…