Should Blake Griffin defend slam dunk title?

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Some people called it the slam heard around the world. 360 degree whirlwinds, windmill tomahawks and even the no-look dunk couldn’t touch it. It was arguably the most talked about slam dunk since Michael Jordan jumped from the free throw line. Blake Griffin jumping over a car (yes, it was the hood, but a car is a car!) to win the 2011 slam dunk contest. But Griffin most likely won’t compete in this year’s slam dunk contest.

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“Those dunk contests aren’t my thing, I said that last year. There’s a lot of guys that can put on a great show and do some good stuff.” Griffin told ESPN. His winning dunk was one of, if not the, most highlighted clip from the all-star weekend last year. But what could Griffin really do this year to top last year? Jump over a Hummer?

Not many people can jump over the front of a car, and even less can do it while slam dunking. But in the end, Charles Barkley was right. A dumb pretty girl, is still dumb.  It was an absolutely impressive slam dunk, but Griffin’s talent isn’t really a spectacular dunker. A massive, power dunker? Yes, see Mozgov and Perkins. But admittedly by Griffin himself, dunk contests aren’t really his thing.

If Griffin isn’t in the contest though, this would allow his teammate, DeAndre Jordan, to enter the contest. Jordan could enter the contest even if Griffin was participating, but has said he wouldn’t if his teammate was defending his title. And so far this season, Jordan’s already delivered some great dunking action.  Imagine if Jordan did enter into the contest and does well, possibly even winning? Granted, winning the slam dunk contest gains one nothing but bragging rights, but two slam dunk champions being thrown alley-oops from Chris Paul is even more reason for Clippers fans to go and root for their team.

Ron Tucker is a NBA team writer for The Sports Blitz, contact him @_RonTucker_

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