Book review: Ozzie’s School of Management

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“Whatever Ozzie is now personality-wise comes from his inherent Ozzieness.  None of the people he played with and for could mold that.  There’s only one Say Anything Kid.”

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-Rick Morrissey, Ozzie’s School of Management

When one thinks of successful management techniques, Ozzie Guilllen is not necessarily the first name that comes to mind.  While he brought a World Series to a city that hadn’t seen one in nearly a century, his fiery personality and routinely vulgar outbursts are not characteristics one generally associates with successful leadership.  In Ozzie’s School of Management: Lessons from the Dugout, the Clubhouse and the Doghouse, Rick Morrissey sets out to change all that or at least provide a little insight as to what makes Ozzie tick.

“He’s the Charles Barkley of baseball, but with a position of responsibility and authority.  There are different kinds of leaders.  And then there is Ozzie whose management style is more suited to a mosh pit than a boardroom.”

I’ve always liked Ozzie’s don’t-give-a-shit attitude which is why I jumped at the opportunity to review Morrissey’s book.  I should warn you that this book and the language within it are not for the faint of heart, as you might expect if you’ve ever caught any of Ozzie’s sound-bites over the years.  It’s no Richard Pryor routine but it runs a close second.  Like Doug Glanville says in his review on the cover “I would love to pass Guillen’s words to my young son, only problem is I have to wait until he is twenty-one.” Read more…

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