Botched calls not the only problem with the NFL these days

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The controversial ending to Monday night’s Packers-Seahawks contest got me thinking, as it did most football fans, but not about how replacement officials have negatively affected this NFL season.  It’s safe to say we can all agree the return of the zebras is a good thing.

It’s what happened after the game that started this alternate train of thought.

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Please bear with me.

Immediately after the game ended, SportsCenter dedicated its entire post-game broadcast, and countless hours afterwards, to discussion of the catch, interception and offensive pass interference call that weren’t.

As newscaster after alleged newscaster began blasting the outcome of the game, putting replacement officials and the league’s choice to employ them in their place, using superlatives like “catastrophic” and “disgraceful” to describe the final play, I started thinking about the changing way sporting events are covered in this country, by one network in particular, as if they are trying to personally champion the cause to get Ed Hochuli and company back to work.  I also started thinking of the fines that were about to be levied on outspoken NFL players, and the discrepancies between what some are allowed to say and others aren’t, when it comes to criticizing the game and the way it’s being officiated.

It got me thinking how paid journalists, at least those on ESPN, no longer “report” the news, but rather give their opinions, in this case, all of them negative and pressing for change, which is probably not the way Edward R. Murrow  or Walter Cronkite intended the medium to be. Read more…

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One Response to Botched calls not the only problem with the NFL these days

  1. gavinwca says:

    I am tired of complaints on the replacement refs. Sunday night’s game the first with greenbay with regular refs was a desaster the refs gave the saints at least 14 points on their own. They committed almost the exact same obnoxious calls as the replacement Refs did with 49ers.i could not see any difference in the way they officiated the game. Both sets of refs were totally blind, or we’re the regular refs mad at greenbay because their game with the 49ers forced them to settle the dispute.

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