At the buzzer: Kobe or Magic?

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Magic JohnsonAlright fantasy fanatics the Los Angeles Lakers are down by one with 3.4 seconds left in Game 7 of the NBA finals.  If both players are in their prime whose hands do you want the ball in, Magic Johnson or Kobe Bryant?

For those who argue Magic he is without a doubt one of the Top 5 players in the history of the NBA.  A 6-9 point guard with cat-like reflexes and eyes in the back of his head, Johnson was a premier passer who could seemingly thread a needle 85 feet away.

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A prototype point guard in his prime Magic Johnson would likely use the dribble to penetrate forcing the defense to collapse on him before dishing the ball to an open teammate for an open jumper or easy lay up.

Johnson also possessed a junior skyhook that resembled the standstill pivot hook shot of teammate Kareem Abdul Jabbar.  Magic named his hook after using it to beat the Boston Celtics in Game 4 of the 1987 NBA Finals in Boston.

If you’re pro Kobe, anyone would be hard pressed to argue against him being the second greatest closer in NBA history (the first being Michael Jordan).  When you’ve got a closer on your team you’ve got to put the ball in their hands in the clutch.  Kobe Bryant has hit a countless number of game-winning shots for the Lakers throughout his career.

Bryant has the ability to create his own shot.  Whether he takes his defender off the dribble, pulls up for a jumper, or just goes hard to the basket to draw a foul, anyone would like their chances with the ball in the hands of number 24.

In this situation I take Magic 100 out of 100 times.  If Kobe has the ball, the Lakers are forced to live or die by his make or miss and with a career field goal percentage of 45, the chances are better that he misses.  In comparison Magic Johnson didn’t have to score for the Lakers to win.  Magic averaged 11.2 assists per game meaning that he made his teammates better.  He needed the ball in his hands to close out the game but his court awareness and creativity along with the ability to score Magic is the better option.

Don’t get me wrong.  Both players are tremendous talents in their respective eras and it would be a coaches’ dream to have to make this decision.  But with that said Magic remains the better option.

What do you think?

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    once again Aaron….you disapointment me……

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