Carmelo Anthony, Knicks and championships: A statistical analysis

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Fibbs walked into the bar that afternoon, his orange Knicks cap tilted backwards, gold chain around his neck and Amare Stoudemire jersey (sans cast) worn proudly.  He had been drinking all day and was smiling, giddy almost.  After all, why wouldn’t he be?  His Knickerbockers had just won their first playoff game in eleven years, an accomplishment Knicks fans were begrudgingly proud to celebrate.  Fibbs’ joy was short-lived, however, as the Knicks could only muster that lone, post-season win.  They were dismissed by the Miami Heat the very next game.

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The proud yet highly dysfunctional Knickerbockers franchise has talent, but boy, are they a mess.  Coach fired mid-season, their hundred million dollar man’s hand stitched up like a softball, their most popular player on the sidelines still unproven and their best player taking way too many shots.  It’s enough to make Phil Jackson’s stomach churn.

I don’t mean to turn this into a bash Carmelo Anthony post, nor am I insinuating that with more balanced scoring the Knicks could have beaten the Heat.  They couldn’t have, but at least they could have made it more interesting.

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