Casey Hampton insists it isn’t over in Pittsburgh

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Casey Hampton, Alameda Ta'ammu

Casey Hampton is, at age 35, the second-oldest Steeler. And at well over 300 pounds and coming off a torn ACL, he may be the slowest Steeler as well. But he insists that it’s not over.

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“They’ve been saying that for how long?” Hampton said, via the Associated Press. “They’ve been saying, ‘You’re getting old,’ and all that for years, and year in and year out we do our thing. So I don’t see it being any different this year.”

The Steelers aren’t as old as they used to be, with aging veterans James Farrior,Aaron Smith, Chris Hoke and Hines Ward retiring this offseason. Hampton said the Steelers have the right players in place to replace those longtime teammates. Read more here…

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