Steve Nash reaches 10,000 assists

Steve Nash reaches 10,000 assists as the Lakers took on the RocketsSteve Nash is simply poetry in motion on the hardcourt. His latest accomplishment should lead him into the status of legend even for those who aren’t fans of the scrappy, 6’3” Canadian.

In front of an amped up crowd at the Toyota Center in Houston Tuesday evening, Nash joined a stellar and select crowd as he became only the fifth player in NBA history to reach 10,000 assists. It would be hard to argue that Steve Nash is one of the best when it comes to the pick and roll that the league has ever seen.  He reaches the 10,000 mark because of his incredible sense of vision on the court and his ability to deliver the ball with expert precision.

With this achievement, Nash joins John Stockton with 15,806 assists, Jason Kidd with 11,969 assists, Mark Jackson with 10,334 and Earvin Magic Johnson with 10,141 assists. Definitely a powerful group of individuals to join, establishing Nash as one of the absolute best in the business.

Nash has been a boost to the Lakers team, which is sorely in need of a boost.  After a dismal 9-14 start, the Lakers began progressing once Nash recovered from injuries and was able to take the floor and provide his much-needed leadership.  The Lakers saw a comeback over the next several games,  The Lakers evened it up to 15-15 before losing 4 straight games to dip back down to 15-19. The possibility of the team missing the playoffs is fast becoming a reality. Moreover, the woes of the Lakers have been increased because of the injuries to their two big men, Pau Gasol and Dwight Howard. This puts the pressure on both Nash and Kobe Bryant to double their efforts because the scoring of the team will fall on their shoulders.

The Lakers difficulties aside, Nash’s 10,000 assist accomplishment is considered to be a legendary mark that several Hall of Fame point guards before Nash haven’t hit.  Nash is truly one of the best all-around players of all time which led him to win two MVP awards as well as three All-NBA First Team Selections.  Without question, Steve Nash is certainly one of the best floor generals ever to play the game, and this is a fitting achievement for him. Nash’s powerful combination of great vision, durability and an uncanny ability to make some impossible passes is the stuff of legends. Hopefully the Lakers will be able to capitalize on these skills and recover their season.

Phil Jackson asked about a return to coach the Lakers

Phil Jackson answers questions about a return to coaching the Los Angeles Lakers

Yesterday reporters from that hotbed of heady sports analysis, TMZ, bumped into Phil Jackson in Venice, California, and popped the question more than half of Lakers Nation has been pondering: “Would you go back to the Lakers now, if they offered you the gig?”

Definitely a legitimate question considering Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni has not fared any better than Mike Brown, the coach he was hired to replace in the second week of November.  Thursday’s loss to the New York Knicks puts the record at an unconvincing 4-9 under the coaching of D’Antoni.  Many consider the D’Antoni hiring a poor and rushed decision by Lakers management.  However the verdict is still out, as the Lakers have spent only a month with D’Antoni as coach.  Unfortunately, things are not looking any better and the general sense one receives from Laker fans is that an upswing is not expected anytime soon.

Phil Jackson’s storied success as an NBA coach has left him with more championship rings than he has fingers.  Of his 11 NBA Championship titles, 5 came as the coach of the LA Lakers.  In mid-November, the inside talk indicated Jackson was interested in returning to the helm of the Lakers.  Many hoped to God believed that Jackson would indeed be back only to be shocked with the announcement that D’Antoni had been hired instead.  As can be imagined, this has only fueled the disgruntled fans’ criticisms and applied extraordinary pressure on D’Antoni to make something positive happen, and quickly.

So, how did Jackson respond to the big question? Would Phil Jackson return to Lakers coaching?

Phil Jackson and the LA Lakers

“No,” was Jackson’s reply, accompanied by a sly grin.  When pressed on the Lakers struggles, Jackson followed up with a simple, “They’ll get it going.”  Not exactly oozing with confidence.
Just before Jackson stepped into the restaurant yesterday, the TMZ crew slipped in one more question.  When asked if he thought the Lakers could win the championship, Jackson looked back over his shoulder and quipped, “I don’t know about that.”  Another sly smile and the most successful coach in NBA history headed inside.

Alas, Lakers Nation, it doesn’t appear any Christmas wishes will be coming true for you in regard to Jackson’s return.  Looks like Lakers management might have misstepped and lost out on securing the coach that made such a powerfully positive impact on the franchise, not to mention the entire NBA.

So, what do you think? 

Can the Lakers “get it going” as Jackson said?

Are the Lakers championship material?

Can D’Antoni get the job done?

Did the Lakers management make a mistake?



New Orleans Hornets to become Pelicans, really?

New Orleans Pelicans


Finally, the ferocious pelican gets the chance to flex its mighty wings and flap its pointy, pouchy beak to intimidate opponents on the court.  Reports indicate that the New Orleans Hornets will be changing their name as early as the 2012-2013 season to the Pelicans.

No, this isn’t a joke, although I am certain Seth Myers and the Saturday Night Live crew are pleased to be served up new fodder for their punch lines on the Weekend Update.

What would possess Tom Benson, who purchased the team on April 14, to select the Pelican as a new team name?  Perhaps the fact that Benson, who also owns the New Orleans Saints of the NFL, owns the rights to using ‘pelicans’ as a team nickname.New Orleans Pelicans

Historically, the New Orleans Pelicans were a minor league baseball team with roots all the way back to 1887.  The team played professionally most every year through the 1959 season when it was sold to Little Rock.  The New Orleans Pelicans were revived briefly during the 1977 minor league season, when Tony La Russa was shortstop for the Trplie-A team.  The Pelicans won a total of 10 minor league titles, including the 1910 title when they were led by a soon-to-be-famous slugger named Shoeless Joe Jackson.

The history is ‘nice’ but couldn’t New Orleans come up with a more powerful nickname?  Imagine the opportunity to set the course for branding of a major sport franchise.  There are thousands of options, yet Benson is reportedly going with the Pelicans?  Pelicans don’t strike fear in the hearts of anyone, except possibly some fish swimming too near the surface.  They aren’t graceful, they aren’t ferocious, they aren’t even cool or trendy or hip.  In fact they’re downright awkward with those huge beaks.

I can’t imagine too many free agents excited about becoming a pelican.  It’s hard to think of what a cool pelican logo might even look like.  Fans shouting, ‘Let’s go Pelicans!’ from the stands?  All of this is a bit difficult to believe.  Then again, I don’t have a zillion dollars to invest in professional sports franchises, so what do I know?

What are your thoughts?  Do you like the Pelican? What would you suggest for a New Orleans nickname?  Leave your comments below, maybe Benson will get the idea.

Michael Jordan provides perspective on success

Michael Jordan Provides Perspective on Success

Michael Jordan is often looked upon as the picture of success, and rightly so.  Consider just a handful of Jordan’s achievements during his NBA career:

  • NBA Championship: 6 times
  • NBA Most Valuable Player: 5 times
  • NBA Steals Leader: 3 times
  • NBA All-Star: 11 times
  • NBA Slam Dunk Contest Winner: 2 times
  • Scored 30 or more points in a game: 672 times
  • Recorded 241 double-doubles
  • Named Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year in 1991
  • Ranked #1 in Top 75 Players of All-time by SLAM Magazine
  • Ranked #1 in Top 100 Athletes of the 20th Century by ESPN

Michael Jordan also holds over 70 NBA records, including,

  • NBA Record for Most Seasons as Scoring Leader: 10 seasons
  • NBA Record for scoring 30+ points in a regular season game: 561 games
  • NBA Record for highest career scoring average: 30.31

Jordan was an incredibly talented all-around player, defensively as well as offensively.  Yes, he was a scoring machine, but he also holds a number of NBA defensive records, such as:

  • NBA Record for blocked shots by a guard: 893
  • 1st player in NBA history with 100 blocked shots and 200 steals in a single season: 125 blocks, 236 steals

Jordan was successful throughout his NBA career, both as a young rookie and as a seasoned veteran.  He is the only NBA rookie to ever lead his team in 4 statistics as he led the 84-85 Chicago Bulls in scoring with 28.2 points-per-game, 6.5 rebounds per game, 5.9 assists per game and 2.4 steals per game.  In Jordan’s final NBA season, he scored 20+ points 42 times, 30+ points 9 times and 40+ points 3 times.  In fact, Jordan is the only player in NBA history to score more than 40 points in a game at the age of 40 or older.

It might seem that, with all of the success he experienced year after year after year, Jordan is impervious to failure.  Yet he has seen his share of failure.  But here is what kept him going:

Michael Jordan Provides Perspective on Success

What do you think about Jordan’s perspective on success?



Has LeBron James won your respect?

LeBron James

LeBron James has an impressive resume nine years into a career that was destined for greatness. He finally won that championship that eluded him once in Cleveland and once in his first season in Miami. When your uniform is 23 and you are nicknamed “The King” or “King James” you expect nothing less. For a moment take a look at the list of his accomplishments.

Going into year 10 of his career, you would think hands down, that Lebron would be considered the best player of his time and would have everyone’s undying respect. Still it is hard to get people to like Lebron like they like Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, or Shaq. The big is why? Has LeBron earned your respect? If so why? If not, why not? If you feel he has earned your respect is it because he finally won a championship? If not, is it because it was the way in which he left the Cleveland Cavaliers? Was it the ill advised “Decision” that was televised that turned you off?

How would you define greatness?

Read more…

Knicks continue their winning ways in record fashion


This game was a lot of fun, unless you are a Sixers fan of course. It had a little bit of everything. You got some Sheed, some good JR and some hilarious Nick Young being an idiot. Overall it was another blowout win for the Knickerbockers, their third in as many games this season. Melo Tony led the team in scoring with an efficient 21 points on 7/16 shooting. Earl Smith had another strong game with 17 points on 7/15 shooting and almost got in a fight. Sheed entered the game in the third quarter and proceeded to drain a buzzer beating three to end the quarter. This game was loads of fun and the Knicks are 3-0 for the first time since 1875.

Here are my notes from the game: New York Knicks vs. Philadelphia 76ers

  • Lets start with Sheed. Despite looking like a homeless man, Mr. Rasheed Abdul Wallace was actually productive in his 14 minutes played tonight. He did a little bit of everything. Wallace hit a couple threes, blocked a couple shots and grabbed some rebounds. He also inexplicably threw a full court inbounds pass to Steve Novak with 11 seconds left in the game that caused me to fall out of my chair laughing. In all seriousness though, he actually looked like he could contribute down the line a little bit. I thought Kurt Thomas looked pretty bad tonight in his 6 minutes played, so potentially Sheed may take some of his minutes moving forward. It’ll definitely be something to keep an eye on. However, there is no doubt that the bench combo of Thomas and Wallace is easily the funniest in the league. Between Thomas punching dudes in the nuts, slapping guys in the face and consistently getting away with shoving people under the basket and Rasheed doing Rasheed things and looking like a displaced hobo, they’re great theater. I’m loving having them on the squad. Read more…

Knicks continue momentum, beat Sixers

Oh how sweet it is. The new look New York Knicks kept the momentum from Friday’s win going this afternoon as they defeated the Philadelphia 76ers 104-84 at Madison Square Garden. Carmelo Anthony was absolutely fantastic on both ends of the court, scoring 27 points on 18 shots and making countless great plays on defense. The offense was efficient once again, shooting 50.6% for the game. JR Smith chipped in with a cool 20 points on 8/15 shooting. Defensively, the Knicks were great as has become the norm with this team. Sixers not named Jrue Holiday shot just 37.7% for the game and the Knicks forced more turnovers then they committed. Up 13 in the final minutes, Mike Woodson put in the Knicks human victory cigar. Rasheed Wallace came in, grabbed some rebounds, dished an assist and made a shot. All around, it was a great afternoon for the Knickerbockers.

Here are my notes from the game:

  • I could not be more impressed with Mike Woodson in these first two games. I, like many, had numerous concerns about Woodson’s offense coming into the year. From what we had previously seen in his stint as the head coach of the Atlanta Hawks, Mike Woodson’s offense was one that was based heavily on isolation sets. Given that Carmelo Anthony is his featured offense in New York, I feared that he would run that same offense here. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Through these first two games, the Knicks offense has looked nothing like the Woodson offenses of old from Atlanta. We’ve seen Anthony as the featured player, as he should be, but not how we would think. Anthony has not been used in isolation as much as we thought. Woodson has done a good job of designing the offense to get Anthony touches in positions where he can succeed. We’ve seen a lot of Anthony in both the high and low post, places where he will succeed. As a result, the defense has been doubling down a lot on him. Anthony has done a great job, especially in this game, of effectively passing out of double teams. New York has done a great job swinging the ball which has set up a lot of open jump shots. We have also seen a lot of off-ball movement from this Knicks offense. Lots of off-ball screens to set up open shooters. Lots of screens that have caused the defense to switch and get the Knicks more favorable match-ups. There is a lot to like about what we’ve seen from this Woodson offense and I think this style of basketball is sustainable. In terms of pace, the Knicks have been somewhat slow offensively, but that should tailor to this personnel. There’s no secret there is a lot of old players on this club and this is a long 82 game season. This isn’t the D’Antoni Suns. The Knicks don’t have the legs to just run up and down for 82 games. I like the more methodical, half-court offense. I think it will suit these guys very well moving forward. Woodson seems to have connected with this club in a way D’Antoni really didn’t, at least in the Melo era. The Knicks have bought into what Woodson is selling. They’ve played hard on defense and they’ve been unselfish on offense. I think both of those things can be attributed to Woodson’s ability to connect with this group of players. Great job by the coach so far and there isn’t a reason why this style of Knicks basketball can’t continue. Read more…

Surprise teams for this NBA season

damian-lillardThere are only a few teams in the NBA that seem to have a chance of being good year in and year out. In most cases, a team will get hot for a few years, then age and free agency will take its toll, and that once great team will begin to shuffle to the back of the line. As quickly as they rose to basketball prominence, they turn into a team that struggles to stay above 500 and struggles even more to keep fans in the seats.

Such is the case with the Portland Trailblazers. In the past, this team was an NBA powerhouse. In fact, recently, this team was poised to be a real contender in the NBA’s very competitive Western Conference. However, thanks to injuries, retirements and bad team chemistry, the word most NBA fans of their teams dread to hear came calling to the Portland Trailblazers; that word is rebuilding.

Just a few short years ago, center Greg Odom and guard Brandon Roy as well as Raymond Felton and Jamal Crawford were the building blocks to a franchise that was looking to contend for the NBA title. However, because of continual injuries to Odom and the retirement of Roy, Portland was left with some big shoes to fill.

In addition to the injuries and retirement issues, the locker room moral had become toxic. With little else to lose, the Portlnd Trailblazers tore it all down and begin rebuilding the team. That was last year, and while the rebuilding process is still ongoing, the Trailblazers look to be an exciting team to watch, even while still being a team in transition.

There are two main reasons that this season could be an interesting one for the Portland Trailblazers. The first is a constant, and that is Portland’s home court advantage. It’s the furthest northwestern team and it’s a long haul to go up to Portland and play even for teams in their division.

The second reason why this team is one to keep your eye on is how they are developing their roster. Thanks to the Gerald Wallace trade with the Brooklyn Nets, they were able to draft the speedy guard Damian Lillard. Being the second top scorer in the NCAA makes him a key player in the rebuilding process and looks to make the contest for NBA Rookie of the Year quite interesting.

In addition, they also chose to go with 7 foot 1 inch center Meyers Lenard. Still a bit raw and lacking a good post game, this young talent could pay off with big dividends in the coming years as a solid and powerful force in the middle of the court.

Fookies aren’t all the Portland is betting the farm on, however. With the retention of Nicholas Batum, and the return of the all star forward LaMarkus Aldridge, this team has an unusual and interesting mix of young talent and talented and skilled veterans.

While the rebuilding isn’t over, that lean first year is over and it looks like this team is now officially on the move. If you are interested in being a witness to a growing force in the NBA, grabs some Portland Trail Blazers tickets either for a preseason game or the upcoming regular season.

2012 Fantasy Basketball: Season starting sleepers


James Harden

Allen Einstein / Getty Images Contributor

NBA season has started.  My initial daily fantasy basketball reaction is that my games have gone about as good as the teething my young son is presently experiencing. I thought I could only imagine the pain he is feeling, but after the last two nights I think I am right there with him. I can’t seem to put together a consistent team. The stars are playing consistent, but due to salary leagues my sleepers are underperforming. I am one of those sports fanatics that expect Lebron James, Dwight Howard, and Chris Paul to put up 30 fantasy points a game. They are doing just that, but O.J. Mayo, Nicolas Batum, and David Lee aren’t putting up the high scoring performances I was expecting. I do, however, have three guys that can make an immediate impact on your daily fantasy team if you will add them to your roster.

Due to the changing style of NBA play, and less emphasis being placed on a true center (more guard oriented) these guys are destined to shine. I think that this three will continue to make an impact for their teams throughout the year.

Glen “Baby” Davis: The question was who will take the reins for Orlando after Dwight Howard moves on to the Lakers? Well I think that the question has been answered. I loved Glen’s performance when he played at LSU. At 6’9 he plays the post well, but he is also athletic enough to be a prolific scorer for the Magic. During his first outing Davis played 34 minutes and lit up the scoreboard with 29 pts. He also pulled down 10 rebounds and 2 blocked shots. If he can continue this production then we will be looking at a 30 point guy a night. He also comes at a good price point because of the team he plays on and his previous fantasy years.

Klay Thompson: Thompson my “sleeper” pick this year. I think that Golden State is going to have to use Klay this year to be a competitor. Klay is averaging 36 minutes a game and 13 pts a night (with a hot 3 pt shot.) He also is grabbing 5 rebounds a game and 3 assists. He can also get a steal or two a night which enhances his fantasy potential. Klay is a consistent guy, which tells me that I am looking at 20 fantasy points a night. I love playing guys that I feel like I can count on and Klay is one of those guys.  Read more…

Tick-Tock: Lakers’ Brown must win now

Mike BrownOn paper, the Los Angeles Lakers have one of the best starting line up’s the NBA has ever seen. By adding  two-time MVP point guard Steve Nash and three-time defensive player of the year Dwight Howard, the Lakers added to an already stacked team that includes Pau Gasol and one of the best to ever play the game, Kobe Bryant.

Last season was a disappointment.

In a shortened season, the Lakers finished with a losing record away from the Staples Center. (14-16) Even though they won the Pacific Division for the 33rd time and earned the No. 3 seed in the Western Conference playoffs, they were outrun by a young, up and coming team in the Thunder during the semi-finals.

Many of their shortcomings were put on the shoulders of first-year head coach Mike Brown and for good reason. It’s not easy to replace a legend and unfortunately it’s not going to get any easier this season.

During his introductory press conference Brown stated “We don’t play for second here, it’s as simple as that.”

The pressure started at that moment and now the lofty goals for the Lakers continue. While Brown had his excuses from last season there are none to be heard of this year.

Off to a slow start, the Lakers can’t afford to not gel in a timely manner.

With injuries to Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard getting back into shape the Lakers haven’t had the game experience yet.

What must worry Lakers’ fans, Last season the rotations Brown used took too long to mesh together and at many times he would randomly pick a player to give huge minutes to out of thin air. Brown must find the rotations to use and quickly.

The truth is if the Lakers are unable to unseat the Heat and bring home a 17th Championship the season will be a failure and Mike Brown will be the scapegoat.

NBA 2012: Story lines, predictions

Dwight Howard-Ray AllenJust think, a year ago we were all telling jokes about how LeBron James had no rings, no killer instinct, and couldn’t put the team on his back.  Now after he won the NBA Championship, MVP, NBA Finals MVP, and an Olympic Gold Medal in the past year we are now asking what’s next?  Can LeBron take himself to MJ levels?  Can he be the greatest of all-time?  And that has to be the main storyline for the upcoming 2012-13 season.

The Miami Heat:  The Heat come into 2013 as the defending champions and all the pressure is on them to take control of the NBA like they did last year.  The big storyline is can they repeat?  If so, can they go on a historic run like Jordan did with the Bulls and win multiple titles in a row?  Miami not only has the best player in the NBA, LeBron, but they now surrounded that man with shooters all around him signing the best 3-point shooter off all-time, Ray Allen.  Last year in the Playoffs, the Heat figured out who they are and it only took them two years to do it!  The Heat run an unprecedented offense with “no positions”, it will consist of LeBron doing whatever he wants and surrounding him with shooters.  The Miami Heat are clearly the team to beat in the NBA.

Los Angeles Lakers: Arguably the next biggest storyline of the off-season was the Lakers making trades to give a three-year window to allow Kobe Bryant to at least (and hopefully surpass) Michael Jordan’s six NBA Titles.  The Lakers shocked the world by not only getting Steve Nash (the best point guard that Kobe will ever play with), they traded for the much maligned and best Center in the NBA, Dwight Howard.  The Lakers are now four-deep in their starting lineup with potential Hall-of-Famers, and the Artest formerly known as Ron, Metta World Peace will only have to be a spot up shooter and play defense.  The question is can this team gel and do they have enough in their legs to last a grueling 82 game season with a long playoff run?  Dwight Howard is the great equalizer and one of the best defenders in the NBA who can clog the middle.  The Lakers will be learning to play with each other on the run and are installing the new Princeton offense.  The Lakers will start slow but will hit their stride later in the season, don’t panic if the start off around .500.

James Harden Trade:  The Los Angeles Lakers main competition to represent the Western Conference in the NBA Finals to a big step when the Oklahoma City Thunder abruptly traded James Harden to the Houston Rockets.  As a small market team, the Thunder “said” they couldn’t have three max players and decided to low-ball James Harden after paying Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and Serge  .  In the short-term, the Thunder are hurt by this trade in the Western Conference, they get a big-time scorer in Kevin Martin and a developmental two-guard with Jeremy Lamb, but that won’t replace the Sixth-Man of the Year.  In the long-term the Thunder might be better off.  Westbrook and Durant are still in their early 20′s and will eventually have to sign another contract, Sam Presti and the Thunder want to make sure that the talent they have will get better and they know in three years that the Lakers will potentially be without Nash and Bryant. Read more…

2012 Fantasy Basketball: Top 5 Forwards

LeBron James

Lebron James of the Miami Heat leads the list of the top 5 NBA Fantasy Basketball forwards.

One of my colleagues made a point to point out that Kobe Bryant wasn’t a point guard if you get my point. I apologize for the confusion, but I meant to say top 5 guards, which can be PG or SG. The same colleague also wanted to know my player name on Fantazzle, because he recently joined and claimed he wanted to make sure he knew who to beat. For all other players motivated by beating me (ha-ha I hope not many) the name is Tobinator44 and I look forward to all Fantazzle challengers. With NBA opening day looming closer I move on to my highest scoring fantasy basketball position, the Forwards. I love the fact that King James and the Durantula can potentially score me 50 a night, but I also have to realize how much they cost in salary games. They are excellent picks in limited lineup games. So here it goes, my top 5 forwards and this can be SF or PF.

Lebron James: I have to admit, this may be because of some personal bias. I am a huge King James fan. Lebron is the most prolific player in the NBA (take that Kobe fans.) His presence of the court reminds me of MJ’s presence (I know he doesn’t have all the rings, but he will.) For daily fantasy players he is a promise of 25 pts and 10/10 rebounds/assists, for me he is a promise of NBA greatness!

Kevin Durant: The Durantula is sick. The guy is crazy good and he rivals the fantasy power of the King himself.  The guy just recently put up 44 in a preseason game, along with points in each fantasy category. He will average exactly the same as Lebron, but will run you a pretty penny in all salary leagues. He will score, but will he be worth the price in anything but limited lineup leagues.

Blake Griffin: Griffin is the greatest dunker of all time. Big statement, but the guy dunked over a car and he makes the Sports Center Top 10 daily. Griffin is in the teens in points and rebounds every night. He solidifies the term double double. I have to take him just because of the alley’s he gets from Chris Paul. He will be a little less pricey and a better option in salary leagues. Read more…

Can Deron Williams make it through the season?

Deron WilliamsDeron Williams of the Brooklyn Nets hasn’t been his usual self in preseason action, but encouraged by the results he obtained by a cortisone shot.

Williams has been bothered by tendinitis in his ankle and the Nets’ star may need postseason surgery to clean it up.

“Just walking down the street it would ache,” said Williams, who received the shot Thursday. “There were a lot of missed layups because I just didn’t have that explosion.

“I should be good now.”

According to the NY Daily News the inflammation in his ankle started during the Olympics.

“It was hurting really bad in the Olympics, swelled up in the Olympics. So, I had to get on some anti-inflammatory (pills) and we’ve been just trying to strengthen it and get it loose,” Williams said. “But it just seems like throughout the course of a game, it never gets loose.

“I thought it was from old age,” he added. “I couldn’t jump off my left leg. I can’t even dunk off of one leg, so I went in and got an MRI and it showed the inflammation. It was good to get the shot and now it already feels better.”

How many cortisone shot’s will he need to avoid the pain and frustration his ankle will cause this season?

Obviously, this is not a good sign for Williams who could end up sitting out the rest of the season at some point.

Knicks, Nets ‘in a New York State of Mind’

In the 2012-2013 season, there will no longer be one NBA team in the state of New York. The Nets,  formerly of New Jersey, have moved to Barclays Center in the borough of Brooklyn and have put together a formidable team that will rival what the New York Knickerbockers will put on their floor this year. We will discuss the changes that were made in these two teams, their fundamental differences, and their outlooks for the season.

For starters, competition is good. New York is a state with eight million people and for decades it has been a one basketball team town. This is a state that at one time housed three baseball teams simultaneously; the Brooklyn Dodgers, the N.Y. Giants, and, of course, the N. Y. Yankees. Currently in California there are four NBA teams; the Lakers, Clippers, Warriors, and Kings. So why not have two NBA teams in New York?

Certainly the timing couldn’t be better for the Nets to have made their move. The Knicks have been struggling for quite a while, winning only one playoff game in over a decade. They haven’t won a championship in almost 40 years! However, it won’t mean that Knick fans will suddenly change their allegiance and become Nets fans either. Remember these are the same loyal fans who have gone through a long stretch without a winning team but want it so badly that after winning game four in the first round of last year’s playoffs, they threw confetti and gave their players a rousing- standing ovation inside a packed Madison Square Garden as if they had just won the NBA Championship! Read more…