Cavaliers: Latest Cleveland team trying for 2nd overall pick

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The 2012 NBA Draft is on June 28, 2012 and it figures to generate a whole lot of buzz. After the lottery took place just a few days ago, everyone found out just how the draft would play out. Except, you can’t plan for trades and the Cleveland Cavaliers figure to be in the mix to move up.

According to the Cleveland’s Plain Dealer Mary Schmitt Boyer…

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A lot could change between now and June 28, especially after teams attend the NBA combine in Chicago this week and start to hold individual workouts for players. I’ve heard Charlotte could be interested in trading the No. 2 pick, so I do think the Cavs will inquire about moving up.

The Cavaliers hold the 4th overall pick and the 24th overall in the first round. They have the fire power to move up if they need to. A similar Cleveland team had a similar choice just this year but didn’t pull the trigger. The Cleveland Browns had the opportunity to move to the second pick and select Robert Griffin III but instead moved to the third pick and selected Trent Richardson. Most fans at first didn’t approve of the Browns decision, will the Cavaliers follow the same path? Read more here…

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