Dan Gilbert 300x200 Will Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert make the same mistakes?

As we hit the two year anniversary of “The Decision”, I sit here and wonder to myself, will Dan Gilbert make the same mistake? Did he learn his lesson the first time around? Will this time be different?

Dan Gilbert took over a Cleveland Cavaliers team in 2005 that had come off its first winning season since the 1997-98 season. A Cleveland Cavalier team that had just drafted LeBron James just two years prior. With the addition of just LeBron James, Cleveland went from winning 17 games a season to going 66-16 in just five short years. The only losing season the Cavaliers experienced with LeBron James was his rookie season.From 2005 to “The Decision” all Dan Gilbert had to do was move some talent into Cleveland. Give the self-proclaimed “chosen one” some support. Instead of doing that, he brought in the likes of Mo Williams, Delonte West (who slept with LeBron’s mom), Shaquille O’Neal (who was years past his prime), Antawn Jamison (give me a break), and other no talent players. After years and years of LeBron James asking for a supporting cast, he finally got fed up and took his talents to South Beach. Miami jumped on the opportunity, got him a supporting cast, got a championship and a happy LeBron James.

After two horrible seasons and many great draft picks later, the Cleveland Cavaliers have found themselves in the same fork in the road.

The Cavaliers drafted Kyrie Irving, Dion Waters, and Tristan Thompson over the last two drafts. These players will be key pieces of the present and future in Cleveland. For some reason they are still paying and playing the biggest flopper and actor in the NBA, Anderson Varejao. Then the Cleveland Cavaliers traded away some draft picks to get a back up center at best, Tyler Zeller.

With all this talent, youth, and potential, it is time for Dan Gilbert to step up, grow a pair and be aggressive. The Cleveland Cavaliers have a chance to be a part of a three team trade that would land Andrew Bynum in Cleveland. Now granted he isn’t the best center presently in the NBA, but he could be ranked in the top five, EASILY. I am not a big Bynum fan, but I could learn to like him.  Read More….