Celebrate the disgraced sports superstar with MC Hammer

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1991 was a simpler time in America.

We were about to elect a president who was fornicating everything in sight, but we didn’t care because the economy was good.  Silence of the Lambs won best picture, Roseanne was still funny and as seen in the video below, not only was it cool for black guys to wear spandex, but there was apparently some “I’m a better dancer than you are” spat between the now broke MC Hammer and the currently deceased Michael Jackson.  Furthermore, steroids were something sports fans only associated with professional wrestling and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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That year, Hammer was doing his best to follow-up the unprecedented success of his Rick James sampled “Can’t Touch This” only a year before.  Regardless of what you think of “Too Legit To Quit,” it had a catchy hook and the album went triple platinum.  Aside from that, the most enjoyable part of the video, other than James Brown in the intro of course, is the end of the song where the biggest athletes of the day performed the “Too Legit To Quit” mantra with their thumbs, forefingers and a simple flick of the wrist.

In addition to some athletes we still revere like Kirby Puckett, Chris Mullin, Jerry Rice and David Robinson, Hammer features a few other gentlemen we view a little differently twenty years later.

Jose Canseco – 8:22

Once upon a time, this Cuban-born kid from Miami was on the verge of revolutionizing the game.  Not only could he hit for power, but he was a monster on the base paths.  Canseco became the first major league player to hit 40 home runs and steal 40 bases in a single season.

Then he got big.  Fans noticed but didn’t think twice about it.  Neither did Major League Baseball.  The arms of he and Oakland A’s teammate Mark McGwire got progressively larger, as did the distance they hit a baseball.

Canseco eventually became the poster-child for steroid use in the sport.  In 2005, he released Juiced, a tell-all book about baseball’s rampant steroid use where he named names and made many an enemy.

These days, Canseco has become a parody of himself, what with all the celebrity boxing matches, tanning salon visits and reality TV shows, but once upon a time, back when MC Hammer was still relevant, Canseco was the most feared bat in the game.

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