Chris Paul 300x236 Chris Paul believes hes the best player in the NBAChris Paul has competition in Los Angeles as to who the best point guard is, but when asked the question by Dan Patrick on Fox Sports Radio he didn’t hesitate to answer.

“I’m a little biased.” He said confidently in response.

CP3 knows he’s the best player in L.A. but when asked who the best player in the league right now is he responded the same way, “I’m a little biased.”

Patrick sounded surprised CP3 answered the question the same way, asking again “You think you are the best player in the NBA right now? I like that.”

There is no debating that CP3 made the Los Angeles Clippers better and was instrumental for the U.S. Men’s Basketball team during the gold medal game, but is it a bit of a reach to say he is the best player in the NBA?

You have to put the guy top five right?: Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony, Dwayne Wade?

Or is he even the best point guard? Rajon Rondo? Derrick Rose?

It’s debatable, but there is no argument that he is one of the top NBA superstars.

Known for his ball handling and ability to spread the ball, he also has the ability to score which makes him one of the best all-around point guards.

CP3 also will do anything it takes to win and that is un-measurable in today’s NBA game, but to think he is the best player in the NBA is a bit of a reach.