Cleveland and Seattle fans share a bond?

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Seattle SuperSonicsWhen you look at Cleveland, Ohio and Seattle, Washington you would think that there can’t possibly be anything that the two would have in common. When you look deeper however you will see that if things go the Oklahoma City Thunders’ way within the next couple of weeks they will have one thing in common and that’s pain.

Cleveland fans have endured for years heartache from The Drive, The Shot and anything else you want to put a “THE” in front of. One of the things that was definitely a smack in the face besides “The Decision” recently has been the Cleveland Browns moving to Baltimore.

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This excerpt from Wikipedia sheds some light on the situation…

In 1995, Art Modell, who had purchased the Browns in 1961, announced he was relocating the team to Baltimore, Maryland. The outrage and controversy[3] that erupted, as well as the NFL’s desire to keep a team in Cleveland, led to an agreement whereby Modell was cleared to move his team but relinquished ownership of the Browns’ name, colors, logos and history. That paved the way for the formation of a reconstituted team that resumed play in 1999 after three years of suspended operations.

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