College Football Week 4: Picks, predictions

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Florida StateWeek 4 is here, and there will be good matchups all day long on Saturday. I went 16-5 last week, pushing my overall record to 38-5 on the season. This weekend will be highlighted by Oregon against Arizona, Florida State against Clemson, and Oklahoma against Kansas State, among many other good games to go around.

(1) Alabama vs Florida Atlantic: My Owls couldn’t get it done last week against Georgia, but they did put up 20 points on the Bulldogs. Needless to say, I doubt FAU keeps it within 30 against the Crimson Tide. Also, Arkansas may’ve been without Tyler Wilson, but to be shutout against Alabama last week was disappointing. Alabama’s defense and rushing attack is for real again this year, and much like the 49ers in the NFL, their success at the end of the year will depend on how their quarterback A.J. McCarron plays. Alabama wins 59-7.

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(2) LSU at AuburnLSU may be on the road, and I may not be their biggest fan, but I’m never going to rave about Auburn anytime soon. LSU wins this one on the ground with ease. LSU wins 38-14.

(3) Oregon vs (22) Arizona: This game won’t be close. Surely both teams are ranked, but Oregon’s at home and their offense will score without mercy. Kenjon Barner and De’Anthony Thomas both run for over 100 yards in this one. Oregon wins 59-17.

(4) Florida State vs (10) Clemson: Now this game between two ranked teams will be much closer. Florida State to me is the better overall team and is at home. Clemson however, has a top five offense in all of college football in my eyes. It wouldn’t be shocking at all to see Clemson hang 40 points on the board and take down the Seminoles’ and their national title hopes. Read more…

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