Colts pursuing Maurice Jones-Drew or Mike Wallace?

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Jim IrsayIndianapolis Colts fans are paying attention to Jim Irsay’s Twitter page. Maybe Mike Wallance and Maurice Jones-Drew should as well.

After Peyton Manning was fired and Andrew Luck was hired, we didn’t think there would be much for Colts owner Jim Irsay to tweet about.
Wrong again.
Irsay says, with enough all caps to hurt the eyeballs and exclamation points to make Jake Jarmel hurl, that the trade winds are blowing.
He says that they’re “talking about giving up high pick for a SERIOUS Vet/Starter,” and that his “check book stands ready!”
The obvious targets are Steelers receiver Mike Wallace and Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew.
As to Wallace, Colts offensive coordinator Bruce Arians served as the Steelers offensive coordinator for all three years of Wallace’s career.  As to Jones-Drew, former coach Tony Dungy has said multiple times that he wanted to draft Jones-Drew in 2006.
Wallace is the more likely target, even though the Steelers have said he won’t be traded.  Coach Chuck Pagano has said Donald Brown will be the “bell cow” tailback.  Besides, the Jags likely wouldn’t want to trade Jones-Drew within the division. Read more…
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2 Responses to Colts pursuing Maurice Jones-Drew or Mike Wallace?

  1. IMO neither, they are in desperate need of D, I say DB or LB..Angerer INJ plus switched to 3-4

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