Cowboys’ Romo supports Dez Bryant

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Tony Romo

It could probably be argued that the tumultuous start to Cowboys third-year receiver Dez Bryant’s NFL career should have been predictable, considering his track record coming out of Oklahoma State. The extent of Bryant’s off-field issues reached a new low on Monday when he was arrested for allegedly domestically assaulting his own mother.

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But Bryant maintains supporters in the Cowboys’ locker room, and they begin with quarterback Tony Romo.

“The one thing I know is that Dez knows I have his back,” Romo told ESPN’s Ed Werder in a Friday interview. “Dez knows I’ll be there for him. Dez knows that I’m going to stick up for him.”

In spite of the arrest, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones recently indicated that he believes the organization’s best option is to throw its support behind Bryant and commit to him, rather than turn its back on the 23-year-old receiver when he needs his team the most. After all, Bryant worked his tail off this offseason.  Read More…

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One Response to Cowboys’ Romo supports Dez Bryant

  1. a_survivor says:

    Really Romo, ? you are supporting a person who alledgedly assaulted his own Mother ??? WTF are you thinking? DOMESTIC ABUSE IS NOT OK !!!

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