Cruz, Wilson, karma make for a bad night

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There’s a joke going around Twitterland that WR stud Victor Cruz saw the Giant’s team physician after the game on Wednesday night who told him he had a very high immune system and that if it didn’t change it would mean that he wouldn’t catch anything!

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I don’t have the statics right in front of me but if I were to venture a guess, I would say that Cruz had three drops in all of last season; and I would be close. Did his three drops on opening night in E. Rutherford, N.J. cost the N.Y. Giants the game? No. They only lost by a touchdown. But they were costly nonetheless.

What could have been more costly over the course of the game was rookie David Wilson’s 1st quarter fumble. Wilson, who electrified the crowds and Offensive Coordinator Kevin Gilbright in the pre-season, never lined up in the backfield again after his blunder causing the G-Men to go exclusively with Ahmad Bradshaw the rest of the game who fought for every inch of the 76 yards he did manage to roll up. Read more…

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