With or without me: Cushing believes Texans will win Super Bowl

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Brian Cushing, may be out for the rest of the season but that doesn’t mean he is any less spirited.

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The hit from Jets guard Matt Slauson on Texans linebacker Brian Cushing has launched plenty of stories, here and elsewhere.
Was it legal?  Was it clean?  Will the NFL change the rules to make it not legal?
We’ve yet to hear from the guy who received the hit.  And in his first comments since suffering a torn ACL, Cushing didn’t address the hit itself.  Instead, he focused on the future — both for himself and the team.
“Trust me when I say that I’ll be back better than ever next year; but in the meantime, I want to thank my teammates, coaches, and you fans for all the amazing love and support,” Cushing said on his Facebook page.
“Oh, and WE are STILL winning THIS year’s Super Bowl.”
Texans fans will love to hear it, even as they wonder how the Texans will pull it off without Cushing, the leader of the team’s defense.
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