David Beckham to go to Olympics with Team GB?

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David BeckhamLord Sebstian Coe dismissed claims that the organising committee are putting pressure on Stuart Pearce to select David Beckham as part of the Great Britain football squad. He’s been tipped to become Team GB captain, although his position would be controversial.

Is Golden Balls just an advert to British football or a valuable player? Well, he’s both. His support towards the succesful Olympic bid was tremendous and he’s seen as a national icon, not only in football but for his services to charity and the sporting nation in general. Across the world he is a fashionable celebrity and would no doubt attract supporters to the event. Indeed, the games would be an honourable tribute to his sending off and would be the last ever major competition he’d feature in. BUT he’s still a great player and has achieved success in America, winning the MLS, as well as his achievements in Spain with Real Madrid, proving he has performed consistently high across his victorious career, which began with Manchester United. He used to be regarded as one of the greatest so his quality must still exist. The magical right foot has not vanished and his famous free-kicks still appear, though less often. But is he good enough for the Olympic squad? Disregarding prestige or age, because if he has EARNED his place, neither of them really matter, is he worth taking? Or should the three available senior places be given to other, better, players. Read more here…

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 Should David Beckham go to the Olympics with Team GB?
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