Another day, another NFL player arrested for DUI

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According to Nashville radio station 104.5 The Zone, Titans wide receiver Kenny Britt has been arrested for DUI. Details on the arrest are still developing outside of the fact that it took place in Fort Campbell, an army base which is on the line between Kentucky and Tennessee. According to the report, Britt and teammate Tommie Campbell were bringing a female soldier back to the base when guards at the gate stopped the vehicle.

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If true, this isn’t Britt’s first brush with the law. He had three bouts of legal trouble in 2011 for charges ranging from theft-by-deception to leading police on a car chase and resisting arrest. That led to a meeting with Commissioner Roger Goodell that did not achieve its goal of scaring Britt straight if the radio report is true. He wasn’t suspended because the incidents came during the lockout, but Britt’s record dates back beyond that — seven previous arrests altogether — something that’s sure to impact a decision about punishment from the league.

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