Dennis Rodman speaks to the youth of todayI read somewhere that Dennis Rodman is putting out a children’s book.  More power to him.

I’m not necessarily saying that the Madonna-tutored, ex-bad boy, who once traveled the nation with his own bartender, dyed his hair every different color of the rainbow and kicked an NBA cameraman in the groin on live television ISN’T the least likely of candidates to speak to America’s youth.  I’m just saying if I were a parent, I probably wouldn’t bring my four-year old to the book signing, unless of course, it was open bar.

Rodman getting in touch with his inner child inspired me to think of the least likely book titles we’d ever see.

Fasten your seatbelts and if you’re easily offended, please turn away.

Gambling is Bad by Michael Jordan

The Perfect Golf Swing by Charles Barkley

Decision-Making 101 by Dwight Howard

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