Can Deron Williams make it through the season?

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Deron WilliamsDeron Williams of the Brooklyn Nets hasn’t been his usual self in preseason action, but encouraged by the results he obtained by a cortisone shot.

Williams has been bothered by tendinitis in his ankle and the Nets’ star may need postseason surgery to clean it up.

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“Just walking down the street it would ache,” said Williams, who received the shot Thursday. “There were a lot of missed layups because I just didn’t have that explosion.

“I should be good now.”

According to the NY Daily News the inflammation in his ankle started during the Olympics.

“It was hurting really bad in the Olympics, swelled up in the Olympics. So, I had to get on some anti-inflammatory (pills) and we’ve been just trying to strengthen it and get it loose,” Williams said. “But it just seems like throughout the course of a game, it never gets loose.

“I thought it was from old age,” he added. “I couldn’t jump off my left leg. I can’t even dunk off of one leg, so I went in and got an MRI and it showed the inflammation. It was good to get the shot and now it already feels better.”

How many cortisone shot’s will he need to avoid the pain and frustration his ankle will cause this season?

Obviously, this is not a good sign for Williams who could end up sitting out the rest of the season at some point.

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