tiger woods baby 101 Despicable athletes of Father’s Day weekend 2012It’s hard to remember a sports weekend in which so many despicable athletes were front and center. Father’s Day Weekend is a time to celebrate great men in each of our lives. With so many bad characters making a case as most atrocious human being of the weekend, an examination is needed to determine who should have the most hate directed their way. Lets review the candidates:

 Tiger Woods

Infidelity, scandal, porn stars, entitlement, advertising based on the death of his father. Unless you have lived under a rock the past three years, you know all about Tiger Woods and his fall from grace. For the first time since his scandal, Tiger enters the weekend in contention with a very realistic chance of winning his first major since the 2008 U.S. Open. Do we want to hear Tiger redemption stories already? For a man who believed that he was so entitled, continues to curse and throw tantrums on the course, has never shown any kind of class or grace when dealing with the media, and in my personal opinion, has shown little signs of being remorseful, I am not sure that this is the story I want to have to listen to on Sunday, if ever.

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