Dolan’s ego detrimental to the Knicks

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James Dolan

This latest error in the disgraceful decade long run of Garden chairman James Dolan may have been his worst.

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From Isiah Thomas, to Stephon Marbury, to now Jeremy Lin, Dolan has made all the wrong moves en route to transforming the New York Knicks from contender to proverbial NBA laughing-stock.

The Knicks foolishly waved goodbye to 23-year-old point guard Jeremy Lin, as they failed to match the Houston Rockets three-year $25.1 million offer sheet. Previously thought of as a foregone conclusion, up until the news broke on Saturday of the Raymond Felton sign and trade, the Knicks decision to bid adieu to the dynamic point guard is a shocking one.

Dolan’s decision is shocking in that there’s no clear logical reasoning behind it. However, Dolan’s mistake is not shocking at all. Why should we have expected the logical, correct decision to be made?

These are the James Dolan led Knicks after all. Read more here…

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One Response to Dolan’s ego detrimental to the Knicks

  1. vern says:

    Foolish is folks still talking about Lin not being matched.There’s been dozens of moves since then that could deserve more attention than an unproven player not being overpaid. Writers need to get over it and move on. Stop trying to make your career with old news. Lin is a Rocket now so let the Houston writers get their writing on.

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