Doug Martin breaks out, fantasy players rejoice

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Doug MartinFor a rookie, there’s nothing like a nationally televised game to create an opportunity for attention.  A rookie who seizes that chance suddenly earns the name recognition of a proven veteran.

Buccaneers running back Doug Martin did just that on Thursday night.

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Martin rushed for 135 yards and a touchdown, and he added 79 through the air in a 36-17 win over the Vikings in Minnesota.  The first-round pick’s 64-yard sprint with a screen pass on the first drive of the third quarter extended a 10-point lead to 27-10, and the Vikings never got within 13 after that — despite the foolish decision of Bucs left tackle Donald Penn to enrage defensive end Jared Allen by ripping off his helmet and putting a gash on the bridge of his nose.

The momentum was temporary, with a third-down sack on the next play from Allen generating a din that disappeared quickly once the Vikings got the ball back.  The team simply doesn’t have much on offense beyond Adrian Peterson and Percy Harvin, and life for the 5-3 team is about to get a lot more difficult.  Read more…

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