Will Durant win a championship before Lebron?

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7158195357 1d533d3230 Will Durant win a championship before Lebron?Kevin Durant is doing the unexpected, beating the San Antonio Spurs. Just about everyone including myself thought that the Spurs would have no issues beating the Oklahoma City Thunder in five to six games at least. Now the series is going the Thunder’s way, where they can close out the series and advance to the Championship tomorrow night.

Lebron James has a good chance to win as well but the Miami Heat must first get past the crafty Boston Celtics and I’m not sure that will happen. With the series tied at 2-2 it’s anyone’s series but with the Celtics winning the last two they definitely have the momentum.

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I’ve heard all kinds of skepticism about Lebron winning a ring finally, most agree that before he retires he will win one. At what cost? Lebron not only scorned most of his die-hard fans to join a loaded team and take a short cut to win the championship. Durant on the other hand has been a class act and has been patient with his franchise, while they have built a team the right way. Adding pieces through the draft instead of spending money to get big names, the Thunder has given the NBA a true blue print of how to build a contender. Read more here…

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