Durant’s winning shot: The elder passes his torch

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Oklahoma City Thunder Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook

Game knotted up with under thirty seconds to go, Durant calmly receives a pass and crossover. Across him stands Ron Artest, one of the NBA’s top perimeter defenders and perhaps the strongest player in the league, as Durant serenely crosses over. He takes one dribble, sizes up, and drains the go-ahead three pointer to seal Game 3 for the Oklahoma City Thunder.

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As Gasol, Bynum, and Artest stare at the replay, watching their father’s title hope fade in the distance. Lost to too many minutes, too many late night shoot arounds in the gym, lost to years of being the hardest player to ever play in the NBA.

Durant turns to Kobe after the game; the elder recognizes his time passing, and his title of best clutch player in the game with it. He realizes it’s only natural, the passing of time, a method of chronologically, dividing men and their contributions to their craft. The legend knows he has a few years left in him, but no year as productive as its former. The young superstar smiles as he carves his legacy on the very hardwood of his present foil. He stands on the crest of greatness, titles to be had, frustrated teams with hotheaded stars to beat, and a history to build.

The young man knows that his comrades remain the strongest and most cohesive group of twelve soldiers that one can assemble. He smells Florida, suddenly blocked by another aged western force with terrible power. With the abatement of his Floridian enemy, the only equal opponent left on the battlefield between he and his title was a great Texan general with the most efficient army.

Eric Eulau is an NBA Writer for The Sports Blitz.  He can be contacted at EEulau@TheSportsBlitz.com.


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