Is Dwayne Wade done in Miami?

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Dwayne WadeImagine being the Miami Heat front office who a couple of offseasons ago allocated just under $300 million for three top-tier NBA talents with the assumption that in return the franchise would be rewarded with “not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, not six, and not seven championships,” as per Lebron James.

According to James’ statement, that means his team is capable of winning eight NBA titles.  But as the 2012 regular season comes to a close and the NBA playoffs draw nearer, the heat in Miami has begun to dissipate under storms of failure.

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Sure the Heat have won their last three but it was against the New Jersey Nets, New York Knicks, and Charlotte Bobcats; three teams that aren’t going anywhere fast.  But before those wins Miami had lost five of their last ten with two of the losses coming against the Boston Celtics; a team they could see again in the playoffs.

If Miami continues to struggle into the postseason and fail to be crowned champions for a second straight year, it could likely spell the end of the Big 3.  If that is what it comes down to then expect Dwayne Wade to draw the shortest straw and be the odd man out.

Huh?  Isn’t it Wade’s team?

At one point it was but when he invited James to come join him down in South Beach he gave Miami fans and the Heat organization permission to fall in love with LeBron; and they have.  LeBron has become NBA public enemy number one, but his charisma, athleticism, and basketball savvy is still very attractive; especially in the city that he plays in.  You don’t invite a man who you think you’re wife could fall in love with to come live in your house.   Eventually the two will end up in bed together and that’s exactly what has happened with James and the city of Miami.  Make no mistake about it, the Miami Heat is LeBron James’ team now.

But what about Chris Bosh?  Wade would surely stick around longer than him.

Well if a breakup is approached from a popularity standpoint then yes, Bosh would be the one gone.  But from a basketball perspective Wade is the better choice to leave and here’s why.

First, Wade’s departure would give the Heat a clear identity.  As previously mentioned they are LeBron’s team and with Wade out the picture, James could become the singular centerpiece which in turn, would make the team more effective.

Second and most importantly, James’ and Wade’s games aren’t complimentary.  Neither really plays effectively off the ball and both tend to take pictures while the other is going one on one.  I’m sure it’s out of mutual respect and not wanting to step on one another’s toes but there lies the problem.  Basketball is a team sport and in order for a team to be successful all five players on the floor need to work together like a well-oiled machine.  And that’s not happening for the Miami Heat.

Sure, based on talent alone, the Heat could get hot and win a championship but such a run wouldn’t be sustainable as they are currently structured.  In other words, if they get lucky and win one this year,  their chances of winning another anytime soon are slim and none.  They’re just not built that way.  Removing Dwayne Wade from the equation would definitely help.

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3 Responses to Is Dwayne Wade done in Miami?

  1. Mainlander says:

    You need to check your meds, or I do, cause we can’t be watching the same games.
    I’m thinking that you’re still watching early last year, not this year’s team….and if Mike Miller’s healthy, hold onto your socks this is going to be some ride thru the playoffs!!

  2. Kareeme says:

    It didn’t work in Cleveland for Lebron. That’ why he left, couldn’t get the right supporting cast.  With Wade gone Miami will be the Miami Cavaliers.

  3. Jim says:

    what a dumb article. Full of illogical hate for the Heat. Here’s to them getting “lucky” and shoving a couple of championships up your unknowledgeable ass.

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