Why does Dwight Howard want to leave Orlando?

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Dwight HowardWhen you ask a question like this, you have to take a few things into account, past, present, perceived future, peers, money, legacy, teammates, etc.  Without getting too involved, let’s look at what is important to Dwight.  One thing that is certain from his website, to his television commercials, to his interviews is that Dwight Howard likes to have fun!  Who doesn’t?  So is he having fun now? No.
The only times it seems Dwight is animated at all is when he dunks on someone, or gets a technical foul for arguing a no-call.  As he gets frustrated with the officials, he must be frustrated with the same team, again.  The only thing more exciting as a player than making a play, is watching your teammates make a great play!  Good news for Dwight, after years of watching the magic acquire Vince Carter and Gilbert Arenas, it is safe to say the Magic finally have the young talented playmakers at their disposal.
Unfortunately, for reasons unknown to Magic fans, fans of basketball in general, and fans of common sense, these players see very little court time.  With Big Baby Davis suspended for conduct detrimental to the team, and Jameer Nelson out to injury, Earl Clark and Von Wafer took turns performing highlight dunks, all sparked with Ish Smith’s intensity and energy.  Dwight stood and cheered from the bench for Clark and “Stiff Neck Johnson” Wafer.
Since that night, the three young playmakers have struggled to get on the court.  In a shortened season where you are trying your best to keep your franchise superstar, wouldn’t it make sense to give some other guys a shot? The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.  Magic fans will remember the last time the starting lineup was altered during the year with a Nelson injury, Rafer Alston led the magic all the way to the finals, where he was promptly benched.
Any fan from any team can tell you that one player should play more than another.  Many NBA coaches would have different starters, different bench players, different rotations, and probably a better record, with the same roster! With Dwight asking for players like Montae Ellis and Stephen Jackson, maybe he thinks the same.
David Gallagher is an NBA team writer for TSB.
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5 Responses to Why does Dwight Howard want to leave Orlando?

  1. AIrball1234 says:

    I agree… For some reason Van Gundy has a love affair with his chucker point guard Nelson atleast 1/3 of the possesions he just runs up and shoots the ball and Howard doesnt even get looked at to touch the ball. If i was the best player i would want the ball or atleast have my team try different things then just being a team that will lose in the 1st or second round of the playoffs with the same old players every year 

  2. rondo says:

    What will Dwight do over in Lakerland? They have a bigger problem then Orlando and he’s not going to do anything Bynum is not doing. Maybe he can bring a little more flash which has proven does not win championships. You need a team who plays together.

  3. Jpsweitzer says:

    fat chance you say!  Please go to Cleveland Dwight…I know I’m dreaming, but stranger things have happened….sign me ‘wishful thinker…

  4. Anjela3 says:

    I can’t believe I just wasted 2 minutes reading this.

  5. SmakinDaBox says:

    Dwight Going To The Nets In A Few Hours

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