Eagles expected to bench Vick

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Michael Vick

Chris Trotman/Getty Images

If Howard Eskin’s report of the impending Vick-for-Nick switch for the Philadelphia Eagles is accurate, it’s not something that just popped into coach Andy Reid’s head in recent days.

A source with knowledge of the dynamics in Philly over the past two seasons believes firmly that Reid has been considering benching Vick since the middle of last season, when the Eagles slumped to a 3-6 start. Reid was hoping, we’re told, that former backup Vince Young would play well enough during a three-game injury absence from Vick to justify doing to Vick what Reid did to Kevin Kolb in 2010.

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Young didn’t.

Regardless of when or if Vick gets benched, it’s now becoming a foregone conclusion that Vick won’t be back in 2013, especially at a salary of $15.5 million.

And for those of you asking whether the Eagles would trade Vick, given the two-day extension to the trade deadline, here’s a great point raised by a source with direct knowledge of the situation: “Who would trade for him?”

That’s a great question. The Vikings arguably could use him, but they’re tied to 2011 first-rounder Christian Ponder. (Besides, we think Joe Webb is a much better Plan B. And a better Plan A.)  Read More…

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