How the Eastern Conference Finals were lost and looking ahead

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As shots clanked off the front of the rim, as sweat poured off their elder brows, a few things became obvious in what may have been the end of an era, and the beginning of another.  As talented, determined and Hall-bound as they were, the 2012 Boston Celtics were simply not as good as the Miami Heat.

As a strictly impartial observer, I have ridden the Miami Heat bandwagon all season long.  It just seemed like the natural progression of things.  While this team is still flawed, with two of the planet’s three most talented players, the Heat have taken a page out of the Jordan-Pippen playbook and presented a duo too difficult to defend.  That’s my stance and I’m sticking to it.

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I got to watch some of the Heat-Celtics Game Seven, not as much as I would have liked considering I was working, but I did manage to watch the replay I so wisely DVRed.

Here are a few things that stood out…

Boston’s bench scored only two points that night, those coming from Ryan Hollins, mid-way through the second quarter.  Despite shortened season and immeasurable will, the Celtics’ elder statesmen were absolutely gassed by the time the final minutes of their season came to pass.  That’s no excuse, that’s just reality.

Despite his coaching acumen, Doc Rivers’ decision to play Brandon Bass on LeBron James probably backfired.  Not that anyone can, but there was no way Bass could guard James on the perimeter.  As a result, James made him pay. Read more here…

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