Ed Reed continues to hint he might not play this seasonRavens safety Ed Reed continues to hint that he’s not so sure he’s going to play this season.

Working at a youth football camp on Monday, Reed said he hasn’t given a whole lot of thought to playing in Baltimore this year.
“This is about these kids today,” Reed said, via the Baltimore Sun. “My mind is just so far away from what’s about to happen in the fall. I’m thinking about other things.”
Reed has spent much of the offseason suggesting — without ever coming right out and saying — that if the Ravens don’t give him a raise from his $7.2 million salary for 2012, he might not show up when training camp starts, and maybe not even when the regular season starts. Reed has been criticized in some quarters for that approach, but he said that’s just part of taking care of business.
“Not everybody is going to understand,” Reed said. “You can’t please everybody. That’s just human nature. Everybody has their opinion, and that’s going to be there. You deal with it. You take it in stride. You take the good with the bad, the bad with the good. That’s part of life.” Read more here…