Ed Reed holding out on the Baltimore Ravens

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Ravens safety Ed Reed has been sending fairly cryptic messages to the team on Twitter.  On Wednesday, he made more clear his threat, or possibly his plan, to hold out until the Ravens give him a new contract.

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“The only way we protect ourselves, … the only way a player gets what he wants is by holding out,” Reed told 105.7 The Fan in Baltimore, via Matt Vensel of the Baltimore Sun.  “So if Ray Ricedoesn’t show up, so be it.  If Joe Flacco didn’t show up and got a contract, so be it.”

Reed explained that he thinks the NFLPA “messed things up” last year, and that he believes he needs to stick up for other players on the issue of getting paid.

While those comments say nothing about Reed’s specific plans, a separate response regarding what he’ll be doing when the season begins says it all:   ”Watching Sunday and Monday night football on my sofa, man, and watching these guys play some real good football.”

That’s the clearest hint yet that Reed doesn’t plan to report for training camp.  The Ravens likely will continue to think he’s bluffing, primarily because they believe that, when push comes to shove, he can’t stay away from the game. Read more here…

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