Eli Manning inconsistent, not hall of fame worthy

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20120805-191817.jpgEli Manning, winner of two of Super Bowls in the last five years, including, two super bowl MVP’s and his last name is Manning. Crazy how quick times change, last year Eli Manning’s name would have never came up in a discussion of élite QB’s in the game.

One “decent” year and a team that came together at the right time can change that apparently.

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When I look at Eli Manning I look at a QB who is inconsistent and a high volume interception thrower.

How we went from inconsistent QB to as Phil Simms said a “Hall of Fame QB” I’ll never understand.

But in this world of sports we all have our opinions, so here is mine on Eli Manning. In today’s day and age we love to compare players, so for the sake of this blog let’s compare Eli Manning to Aaron Rodgers. I think Aaron Rodgers is the best QB in the league. The last three seasons in which they both have won a Super Bowl and the season where neither won a Super Bowl.

In the last three seasons Rodgers has one Super Bowl MVP trophy, thrown for 12,999 yards, 103 TD’s and 24 INT’s. Eli Manning has one Super Bowl MVP trophy, thrown for 12,956 yards, 87 TD’s and 55 INT’s.

That stat line in itself is shocking. As with any great sports run we like to be prisoners of the moment. Read more here…

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10 Responses to Eli Manning inconsistent, not hall of fame worthy

  1. kjmazz says:

    phil simms,give me a break,he had one heck of a team around him and was over-rated by a lot.you compare eli to rodgers well bring on crunch time and i would take eli over rodgers,eli got killed during the 49ers play off game last year and jumped up after every hit , rodgers would have laid down like you, last year Serby stated that mark sanchez wold be the better QB at seasons end.what happened.like most of you writters you never say a word when you are wrong,which is most of the time.leave eli alone and shut up.

  2. nyTOaz says:

    Two super bowls and a career that has many years left in it… Eli brings it home when it counts. He proved that in last years play-off game against Rodgers. I’m not saying the author is wearing blinders or is an idiot but if the shoe fits…

  3. Raynman215 says:

    I will bet everything I own that if you ask Rodgers to trade stats with Eli to have 2 Super Bowl rings instead of one he would do it in a heartbeat……….All you people who hate Eli keep hatin……..While Eli and my Giants keep winning………

  4. cjs1946 says:

    The difference between Eli and Rogers is that Eli wins

  5. cjs1946 says:

    Throwing the ball good doesn’t matter if you choke

  6. cjs1946 says:

    Just when you think Rogers is going to win it all….you find out that it’s a gag…..

  7. cjs1946 says:

    Hall of fame QBs win games that they are expected to lose….and losers fall on their face when it counts

  8. cjs1946 says:

    Rogers shows potential…..maybe some day he will catch up to Eli

  9. CJS1946 says:

    See what I mean?…….come on ……The Colts?

  10. CJS1946 says:

    Rogers must have had bad LUCK

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