Did expectations finally get the best of Jeremy Lin?

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Jeremy LinWas it finally too much for Jeremy Lin? As the expectations continued to climb Lin finally fell short, or did he?

It was the first game Lin picked up his dribble when the opposing defense attacked and to make matters worse he seemed out of control at times rushing down the lane.

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The buildup for the New York Knicks and Jeremy Lin were at all-time levels as they took on the Miami Heat.  Tickets were being sold at double the prices of an NBA Finals game as fans filled the American Airlines Arena.

While offense was on everyone’s mind to start the game it was the defense of Joel Anthony, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh that made the difference as the Heat knocked off Carmello Anthony and the Knicks.

Everyone tuned in to see Jeremy Lin but if this was his stage to shine, he blew his chance.

Lin was horrific from the field going 1-10 and at times throwing up shots that didn’t have a chance.

In his previous games one of his strengths was his display of court vision and the ability to see the open man. Things did not go his way tonight as he forced the pass and racked up eight turnovers in the loss.

It wasn’t all Lin’s fault as the Knicks didn’t have an offensive rebound in the entire third quarter when they were outscored¬† 29-19.

Steve Novak and JR Smith came in off the bench and gave the Knicks a spark including Novak hitting four straight three-point shots, but still would not be enough.

Is this finally the end of Linsanity? Or is this just a road bump in the eventual trip to his ultimate goal of becoming one the leagues best?

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  1. Tough game for Lin…I think he is worn out

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