A fair trade: Me for Dwight and Dwight for me

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It appears life is not without a sense of irony.

As an Orlando Magic fan and sports blogger (of the year, mind you), I’ve written my fair share of articles about Dwight Howard, 38 to be exact.  That’s probably more than your average Orlando Sentinel beat writer.

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Well, some news came down the pipe this week that made me chuckle and, if nothing else, bring my article count to 39.

I’m being traded for Dwight Howard.

Like I said, irony.

Please allow me to introduce myself, I’m a man of wealth and taste.  My name is Chris Humpherys.  And thanks to my namesake, I’m getting a lot more attention these days.  No, I’m not Kris Humphries, the journeyman, NBA power forward who has played for four, and now quite possibly his fifth, team in nine seasons.  Not the Kris Humphries who was taken in and then spit out by Bruce Jenner and a handful of Kardashians.  I’m Chris Humpherys bartender/sports blogger/ overall troublemaker and I live in Tampa, Florida, potentially only an hour drive from my namesake’s future home. Read more here…

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